Kérastase Presents Cristal Sculpt and Luminous Perfecting Mask

For many young women, the ideal of beautiful hair is supple, shiny hair, endlessly long and smooth.
Yet long hair is, above all, fragile hair subject to dehydration linked to external factors such as sunlight and pollution. And since young women like to style and re-style their hair all day long, repeated brushing and combing also contribute to making the hair fiber vulnerable. As well, women of this age often produce excess sebum.

In 2013, Cristalliste helped launch a new era in treatments for long hair: High-end care products with lightweight formulas enriched with Complexe Lumière Liquide to make the hair shine. The range include;

1) Bain Cristal Luminous Perfecting Shampoo RSP RM78
This paraben-free, colorant-free cleanser brings out the shine in long hair. New-generation foaming cleansing agents eliminate impurities to purify roots without weighing down long hair

2) Lait Cristal 
Luminous Perfecting Conditioner RSP RM136
This rinse-out formula enriched with liquid light contains aloe vera extracts known for their hydrating qualities. Lait Cristal works to make the hair light and airy and improves its natural shine.

3)  Lumière Liquide 
Luminous Perfecting Essence RSP RM82
The evanescent texture of this lightweight serum is concentrated in smoothing agents so the hair can reflect light. The shine is crystaline and the hair stays light and silky.

For 2014, Cristalliste welcomes two new products designed for young women who like to style and re-style their hair: 
Luminous Perfecting Mask and the gloss serum Cristal Sculpt.
1) Luminous Perfecting Mask RSP RM 136

The Luminous Perfecting Mask nourishes and protects the hair while making it more luminous and shiny. The formula is enriched with Dry Oil to intensely nourish the hair bu forming a smooth film over the fiber. The hair keeps it natural, free-flowing movement.
Candelilla Cera and Ceramide protect the hair from damage caused by repeated blow drying. The wax-like texture of Candelilla envelops the hair fiber while Ceramide fills in damaged hair cuticle. The formula is also enriched with a polymer that adds body to the hair for easier styling
The Luminous Perfecting Mask nourishes and protects the hair while making it more luminous and shiny.

2) Cristal Sculpt 
The Kérastase gloss serum for long hair for a greater freedom of styling. This product’s unique characteristic is its dual-action effectiveness: a serum to repair the hair and a gloss to make it beautifully shiny.
The serum formula is enriched with AHA: This molecule, often better known for its skin care benefits, helps to strengthen the interior of the hair fiber. The mirror-like texture of the gloss acts as a light refrelctor by smoothing the fiber while Ceramide filles in fissures to perfect the surface of the hair. Its second-skin texture is permissive, making easier all the hairstyles.
Results: Combining a serum and a gloss serves to hydrate the hair while also illuminating the surface and sculpting contours. With a light touch, Cristal Sculpt provides shine and softness so the hair is easier to style. This two-in-one serum also enables women with long hair to create all types of looks by making the hair easier to handle and easier to put in place as it is being styled.
Cristal Sculpt is the little something extra that young women have always needed to help them reveal their personalities and their creativity.
I've fallen in love with Kérastase Cristal Sculpt and Luminous Perfecting Mask. They both have very nice scent and make my hair so smooth without any frizz!

Thanks to these special cares for young women who like style and restyle the hair new perfect formulas for blow-dry, they provide more controlled movement to the hair and enhance shine.
throughout the day, gestures of styling are more easier during the blow-dry.

Using Cristalliste’s cares for the three emblematic steps in the Kérastase haircare regimen (Cleanse, Treat, Prime) offers today's young women the free-flowing movement and the shine they want for their hair. This ritual sets the tone for a new haircare routine that is compatible with their hair types and completely in sync with their aspirations for constantly changing their hairstyles.

Kérastase Malaysia is giving away 10 sets of Cristal Sculpt and Luminous Perfecting Mask worth RM218 on their facebook page now.
All you need to do is take a Cristalliste inspired selfie with one or more of these elements - free-flowing hair, shiny hair, airy hair or pink, tell them about the selfie and inbox over to them. This contest runs from Mar 17 to 30, 2014.

Kérastase Malaysia facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KerastaseMalaysia

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