The All New BB Cushion Reinforces Laneige’s Whitening Care Line

Laneige’s all-new BB Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ is now better than before with improvements seen in its whitening efficacy, cooling effect, makeup coverage and moisturizing effect. 
Now with a makeup tint function, the new Original BB Cushion also protects the skin from darkening, thereby improving its whitening function. This 6-in-1 (Whitening + UV Protection + Makeup Tint + Water-resistant + Soothing Effect + Moisturising Effect) functional BB Cushion is handy and compact yet gives your skin all the protection it needs on the go!
A clinical test and survey was conducted on the new BB Cushion with 20 women age between 20 to 30 years old. Results showed an immediate increase in their skintone brightness, 12-hour colour lasting effect and 4 degrees temperature reduction on their skin after using the BB Cushion. All of them were satisfied with the BB Cushion after using it for two days. 95% of them said their overall skin condition improved, coverage was good and natural, and that they felt their skin immediately moisturized upon application.
Laneige’s all-new BB Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ 6-in-1 Functions including;

1. Bright and Transparent Whitening Care
The BB Cushion contains Melacrusher™, Laneige’s patented bio-brightening technology that functions to deploy our skin’s natural melanin to destroy excessive melanin in the skin through the stimulation of our natural autophagy biological process. In the improved Melacrusher™ technology, a brightening solution is added to reduce the red, yellow and brown pigments at the same time.

It also contains Bead Tree Extract, an anti-pollution component that blocks the generation of aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR)/pollution antennas from external pollution to prevent skin pigmentation. The AhR that is present in our skin functions to produce melanin with the increasing external pollution that are absorbed by the skin. The Bead Tree Extract protects the skin from the effects of pollution by filtering impurities while supplying oxygen to the skin.
Applying the BB Cushion overtime brightens your complexion, offering transparent looking skin with milky texture minus the blemishes.

2. Powerful UV Protection and Sweat-Proof Formula (SPF 50+ PA+++)
The BB Cushion offers powerful UV protection through an optimizing dispersion system, which efficiently disperses inorganic UV protection particles. Its sweat-proof feature is excellent in ensuring the BB liquid stays on the skin despite heavy perspiration on a hot sunny day.

3. Maintains Naturally Clean Skintone
The medium coverage that the BB Cushion now offers coupled with the tinting effect evens up skintone while the transparent cushion powder absorbs sebum at the same time diffuses reflection from the sunlight for a natural looking skintone without the greasiness.

4. Moisturising Effect
Formulated with Optimal Mineral Water from the green region of Jeju Island, the new BB Cushion is 34% more moisturizing than its predecessor. It also absorbs into the skin faster than general mineral water, hydrating the skin on the in inside out.

5. Fresh Cooling Sensation
The BB Cushion contains 34% or more moisture and optimal mineral water, which makes it extremely soothing for overheated skin. Moisture and mineral contents form Hydro-mineral Suspension helps the skin to better absorb micro-emulsion to alleviate and freshen up the skin. Upon application, the temperature on the skin drops by 4 degrees, an improvement of 1 degree from the previous version of the BB Cushion.

6. Water-Resistant
Another cool feature of the BB Cushion is its water-resistant feature coupled with strong networking structure which is formed by high molecules, enabling makeup to lasts up to 12 hours without any need for a touch up even in a hot climate.
Laneige BB Cushion is available in 4 shades: True Beige, Natural Beige, Sand Beige and Brown Beige.
I had the privilege to try the brand NEW Laneige BB Cushion last week; it’s really cooling and gives my skin instant brightness. It also gives me more coverage compared with the previous BB Cushion.
I was using No. 21 - Natural Beige

The all-new Laneige BB Cushion comes in 15g x 2 and retails at RM145. I call it a great deal because we pay the same value for the even better BB Cushion. It is available at all Laneige beauty counters nationwide from today onwards.
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