Ferrmina Cleansing Oil Review

I believe in double cleansing, and I'm a user of Cleansing Oil for over 10 years now. I have a few personal favorites cleansing oil from Japan and USA brand. Until recently, I've came across a new brand 'Ferrmina' which is from China. I was curious how would it works on cleansing? Hence I have given it a try.
According to the brand, Ferrmina Cleansing Oil suitable for any skin type and guaranteed for 5 years effective use. This product could clean make up and reduce oil on the skin to leave an elegant feel.
It effectively cleans make up and oil to give the skin a fair and clear look. Can be used on both eyes and lips. 

Corresponds to different parts of the it keep the skins essential oils. Contains olive oil, the wheat plumule oil, Vitamin C, the Australian nut-oil, aloe extract and the active rose oil for maximu effect. It also contains an natural lipophilic ingredient, that with ease clean the face, eye and lips of make-up  and dirt to have a fresh natural feel.
My personal thoughts? Pictures is better than a thousand words. Ferrmina Cleansing Oil does a good job to clean dirt, makeup and even waterproof mascara. I face is smooth and soft after rinse with water.
For RM 56, The gift set contains a Eye & Lip Cleansing Oil (30ml) and Whitening Cleansing Oil (30ml)

For more information and to purchase, logon to http://www.silkapple.com/

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