My First Modbox Beauty Box

Received my first Modbox weeks ago. Modbox is a beauty box discovery service in Malaysia where they partner with beauty brands so the consumers could sample the products before purchasing.
Believing that a lady knows herself best, Modbox let you Buy a box, and you have the power to choose the samples that you want.
Shaire London – Fragrance Free Hair Perfume (Dry Shampoo) RM35.90

A fragrance-free dry shampoo that keeps your hair cleansed and conditioned in between washes. Cleanses and conditions hair in between washes to reinvigorate dull and lifeless hair. Also acts as a hair tonic to repair & strengthen roots, and prevent split ends.
It is enriched with Vitamin B5 and seaweed extract, which are good for hairs.
Have you ever encountered a bad odor after having meal at a not smoking free restaurant? I always have this bad experience. Last week I had this again, I took out the Shaire London fragrance free hair perfume and sprayed it on my hair, my hair feel and look freshly shampooed with no unpleasant odor after that.
It's best for those exposed to smoke and pollution, camping, long distance travel, mothers in confinements as well as Hijab wearers.

Dentiste’ – Plus White Nighttime Toothpaste From: RM18.50

A night time toothpaste for fresher morning breath. Clinically proven to help inhibit nighttime bacteria which is a major cause of bad morning breath and other oral diseases.

This natural toothpaste contains 14 natural extracts that are antibacterial and antiseptic, and is proven to give you fresher morning breath within just one night of usage!

Dentiste’ – Oral Rinse From: RM15.90

An oral rinse that is more than just a mouthwash.

Neutralises the pH level in your mouth while increasing saliva flow to clean & reduce bacterial deposit. This results in instant, long-lasting fresh breath throughout the day!

Provides immediate, long-lasting fresh breath all day!

Rescare – Aqua Peeling Face Exfoliating Spray RM78 & RM48

Your journey to smooth skin starts here. A great solution to get rid of dry, flaky and dead skin cells. 

This aqua peeling face cleanses the whole face with gentle touch, selectively removes the impurities, fresh secretions and dead cells in skin.

Miacare – Acne Patch RM9.90

Acne patch to zap away pimples. Absorbs pus for lightning-quick healing, while maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. It's also ultra-thin and highly invisible, so you can easily wear this under your makeup. 
Easy to use, high absorption and fits on acne perfectly.
For just RM9 + delivery, Modbox is definitely one of the most affordable beauty box in Malaysia.
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