Redeemed My Free Bizzy Body Slimming Treatment with Samsung GALAXY Life

I’m a Smartphone user since 5 years ago. Like many of us, I can’t live without a Smartphone. Nowadays we don’t only call or sms each other; we also use the apps to chat/play games/surf Net/check emails etc on daily basis.
I’ve recently come across a new app: Samsung GALAXY Life which I find it really cool. Samsung GALAXY life is your passport to exclusive privileges, app recommendations, sweepstakes, and expert interviews. With Samsung GALAXY Life, I get to enjoy local and seasonal deals, app recommendations, expert interviews specially selected to match my interests.
Samsung GALAXY Life has 7 categories including Live; Entertain; Learn; Play; Connect; Work and Surprise. Whether you enjoy living it up, being entertained, learning, playing, connecting, your work, or being surprised, GALAXY Life has something for you. Samsung Galaxy Life is for any Samsung Galaxy user.
While I was browsing the Deals, I found that Bizzy Body is offering free customized weight loss treatment + Intelligent Body Composition Analysis + Personalised meal plan. Since I’ve always find it hard to loss the weight I gained from pregnancy, I told myself I gotta give this a try.
Hence I redeemed the deal on last week at Bizzy Body Mid Valley outlet. It’s pretty simple to redeem. I just clicked on the ‘Redeem’ button, and showing my phone to the cashier for them to verify the redemption.

The consultant advised me to try the Bizzy Body E-Synergy™ Advanced Dual Slim Treatment, which is using a technological breakthrough in slimming from Spain. It boasts of a one-of-a-kind synergy system that gives a reduction of up to 10cm in just one session.
Rather than hot blanket, E-Synergy™ Advanced Dual Slim Treatment uses NIR(New Intra-Ray) wave that penetrates 3.5cm deep into the fat layer.
The 45 minutes pumping movement stimulates the vein and lymphatic systems by contracting the muscles. This facilitates elimination of both excessive fluids & water retention and bodily toxins.
All I need to do was just laid down and enjoyed the treatment in the private room. Bizzy Body E-Synergy™ Advanced Dual Slim Treatment gives me effective slimming results, where I’ve lost almost 300 grams after just one treatment. Bizzy Body E-Synergy™ Advanced Dual Slim Treatment promotes long-term weight loss; it will also help to achieve overall health and wellness.
Thanks to Samsung GALAXY Life, I got to experience the slimming treatment for free. I am always making sure that I check apps for exclusive deals on weekly basis.
Should you wish to enjoy the ultimate smartphone experience like me, download your Samsung GALAXY Life app from
For more information about Bizzy Body, visit

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