Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel, a Quick Fix for Shiny Oily Skin

Get a quick fix for your oily skin with the new Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel and say goodbye to oily T-zone and shiny face! This new Oil Control Mattifying Gel mattifies the skin immediately upon application. With just one application during the day will give you a long lasting shine-free skin whole day long. Moreover, the whole new Triple Oil Control System not only controls shine on your face but it also provides 24 hours hydration for your skin and minimizes the appearance of pores.
Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel is able to absorb oil instantly and gives you an instant matte look. It contains the following key ingredients and benefits:
  • Activated Zinc and Avocado Extract - absorb excess oil resulting in a matt appearance. According to the findings from a clinical test that was done, the Avocado extract is effective in controlling excessive sebum secretion thus provides long lasting oil control to the skin
  • Nano Glacier Water - penetrates deep into skin and provides 24 hours hydration for a moisturised and supple skin.
  • Evermat - prevents pores from clogging while at the same time helps refine pore size thus controlling sebum secretion of the skin. With controlled sebum secretion, pimples and blackheads occurrence may also be reduced.
  • Natural Menthol Extract – provides a cooling and refreshing feel
The Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel is easy to use. Just apply a thin layer of gel during the day after cleansing. It can be used on its own, under make-up or for touch-ups, especially on the oily skin area. The packaging is also convenient and you can take it along where ever you go.

With this advanced oil absorbing gel, you are IN CONTROL of your facial oil. Like the OXY Oil Control Mattifying Gel? Look out for it at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets nationwide starting March 2014 at only RM16.90 (30g).

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