MAKE UP FOR EVER, the makeup brand that is raved by many makeup artists has recently achieved another milestone in Malaysia. They’ve opened the first ever MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Boutique at Level 2, Sephora Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
Here, it offers the widest range of MAKE UP FOR EVER products for the professionals including up to Artistic, Pro-Only and Special Effects makeup. 

I was glad to be invited to MAKE UP FOR EVER Malaysia first ever Bloggers workshop held at the Pro Boutique last month. I mean, which beauty junkie wouldn't feel excited to be invited exclusively by MAKE UP FOR EVER - one of the most celebrated cosmetic brands in the world, right.
We met MAKE UP FOR EVER Malaysia’s Brand Manager – Mr. Stanley Wong in the workshop. He is a charming and  friendly guy who has shared the brand story plus history with us.
The story goes back 15 years ago when film and TV make-up artists were anxious about the arrival of HD technology. In high definition, an image was presented 6 times more precise than before, which means every detail, line, redness and spot of powder was more visually obvious on the skin.

To help counteract the implications of this new digital technology and its superfine granularity, Dany Sanz (Creator and Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER) began researching on ingredients for new formulas. She even got professional cameramen to test the success of the formulas. 
After years of trials and testing, the first HD make-up range was born in 2008 with the introduction of a liquid foundation and loose powder that promise to conceal imperfections and yet keep the skin utmost fine. They are made with superfine, micronized pigments, and were designed to easily create a look that will be read through an HD camera to yield a flawless yet natural appearance. 
In the following years, primer correctors and concealers were then introduced into the range to make it possible for women to achieve absolute skin perfection. Initially designed for professionals, this range ofproducts swiftly became daily must-haves for women who desired makeup that could give the ultimate natural finish. 
Thanks to the soft-focus effect of the formulas and the wide variety of shades available, every skin type can now enjoy flawless perfection in their own comfort. 
MAKE UP FOR EVER Malaysia’s Education & Artistry Executive, Mr. Jason Ooi has taught us on how to paint our face with the HD makeup by demo it on a model.
First of all, apply MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Elixir to the face as it works as a serum and primer. Specifically designed to prepare the skin for HD make up, its formula hydrates the driest and most marked areas, such as the eye contour and the mouth's fine lines. Its unique and fresh gel-like texture is non-sticky and quickly absorbed. It is easy to use by apply the HD Elixir in light strokes for whole face. You could also blend the HD Elixir with the HD Foundation or HD Concealer to lighten up the texture and add up the benefits of the tightening effects. 
Then, follow by MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Primer which comes in 6 color-correcting shades and one transparent shade to correct skin imperfections. The colored pigments are absorbed by the skin for an invisible correction. The HD Primer can be mixed with the HD Foundation to get an even more transparent natural look.
Our skin is ready for MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Foundation after this. MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Foundation creates a soft-focus effect, which is designed to meet the coverage concerns of those in the spotlight. It leaves your complexion with such a flawless finish; it can withstand bright or harsh lighting.
And then, we were being introduced the 2 newly added Stars in MAKE UP FOR EVER HD make up: The HD Cream Blush and HD Microfinish Pressed Powder.

More fusional than a powder, more sensorial than a cream, the HD Cream Blush is a keeper! Its texture-free second-skin finish brings flattering freshness and controlled shine to the apples of the cheeks, producing a stunningly real finish. 
A «barely there» effect that manages to change everything, the colour of HD Cream Blush flushes to the surface of the epidermis, as natural as the real deal.
Yeah It could be used on the lips too!

Available in an extra-wide range of 16 shades – 15 nude shades + 1 funky «doll-like» coral hue to meet the needs of every skin tone, the HD Cream Blush is extremely easy to blend and offers modular coverage. It’s the quick-shot fix to bringing a healthy flush to the complexion. The on-the-go compact comes with a large mirror to give the skin a flush of colour any time of day, even when its glow starts to fade.
It’s called a “Cream Blush” but there’s more subtlety to it than that! A cream that’s not really oily and doesn’t stick or shine, an extrafine cream that smoothens the skin to add a transparently light glow, the HD Cream Blush is a seemingly impossible achievement that all comes down to a clever mix of oils, pigments and powders:

• Silicone oils, dry oils and light waxes are expertly combined to bring an ultra-soft feel and silkiness that spreads easily but is supremely light with flawless hold.
• Specially dosed for an HD finish, silica powders and synthetic mica ensure softness on the skin and a soft-focus satin finish that conceals imperfections and ensures a radiant complexion without masking the skin’s texture.
• Optimal concentration of pigments combined with transparent natural pearlizers brings sheer, natural colors that are incredibly luminous and do not vanish or turn lackluster as the hours pass.

No HD formulas are launched without first gaining approval from TV and film professionals. After thorough tests using state-of-the art camera lenses, the Cream Blush was given HD certification. 
Everyone wanted it, so MAKE UP FOR EVER made it! With the same airy finesse, the same HD invisibility and unique sensoriality, the HD Pressed Powder is a handy, on-the-go pressed version of the cult HD Loose Powder. Extra-fine and talc-free, it shows no texture on the skin and fades lines optically, without settling inside the skin. The universal shade is totally transparent on the skin, giving every complexion skin-texture perfection, a unified look and imperceptible natural matte-ness that does not dry out.
Left: MAKE UP FOR EVER Malaysia’s Brand Manager – Stanley Wong
Middle: MAKE UP FOR EVER Malaysia’s Education & Artistry Executive - Jason Ooi

The powder micro-particles act like soft focus effects on the skin to reveal a marvelously luminous complexion. Easy to carry wherever you go, the ultra-flat ergonomic case has a large mirror for you to do touch-ups at any time of day, just to be sure your complexion never lets you down.

The Pressed Powder is just like a movie star: It has passed every screen test to ensure it works with any HD equipment. From HD camera to HD screen or a camera equipped with a 14x zoom lens, it sailed through every test without anyone noticing it!

The HD makeup is done with MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Make-up. Tada, isn’t the finishing naturally glowing, flawless and pretty?!
Jason also shared his tips with us, his secret tool to Perfect Finish - MAKE UP FOR EVER's Mist & Fix. It is a light and comfortable mist that seals the makeup & keeps it in place with a weightless & invisible film.
Demo on the model’s hand, the eye shadow is easily removed by rubbing with finger. But the one that has sprayed with a layer of Mist & Fix, the eye shadow stays no matter how hard we try to rub it away.
Last but not least, we were all excited when we know that MAKE UP FOR EVER is going to launch their Artisan Brushes in 2014. As a brush addict, I’d definitely save my money for this.
MAKE UP FOR EVER is available in Malaysia at stores below;

Starhill Level 2 (Boutique)
Sephora KLCC
Sephora Starhill
Sephora Paradigm Mall
Sephora Sunway Pyramid
Sephora Gurney Paragon

For more information, like and follow MAKE UP FOR EVER Malaysia Facebook page at


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