Why Diamond Coral Alkaline Water

DWater is essential to life. According to the expert, everyone must drink up to 8 glass of water daily since our body is made up of 50% – 65% of water. Therefore, I make sure I drink enough water, and most importantly, the most clean and healthy water everyday.
I have chosen alkaline water because it is acid-fighting alkaline pH balance. From the workshop that I have been through, I found that alkaline water contains nutritious minerals to hydrates our body faster and more thoroughly than plain water.

Hence, it brings extra benefits by drinking alkaline water. From weight loss, detoxification, better bone health, antioxidant to improve pH balance. It sounds really good, hence I have installed the Diamond Coral A
lkaline Water at my home to see if it's truth.
Diamond Coral Alkaline Water is very easy to install. The technicians just used an hour to install and explain to us how to use it. It has a simple yet elegant outlook hence it made my kitchen looked more modern and cool. Comes with 6 different filter, I could be assured of the safe and clean alkaline water to consume.
The water taste naturally sweet, and is delightful to drink. For the past one month of drinking Diamond Coral Alkaline Water, my children and I didn't fall sick at all even at the extremely hot weather. Besides, I used it to grow my plants, and I noticed my plants look fresher and flowers blossom more vibrantly and lasting. Another most significant result is, as a woman crazy of fresh flowers, I noticed my cut flowers live longer period of time with Diamond Coral Alkaline Water compared with normal tap water.
I was also given a bottle of Diamond Coral Water Spray to keep my skin hydrated anytime, anywhere.
Besides the coral alkaline water, I have also put a unit of Diamond Coral WaterBar at my kitchen. It is a wonderful WaterBar that let my whole family retrieve hot water, luke warm water or room temperature water easily. Even my girls love drinking the luke warm water from the WaterBar . We have ditch our hot water dispenser since we have installed the Diamond Coral WaterBar as we found it is safer, and healthier water to drink.
Great news to all of us, Diamond Coral Alkaline Water has a 60-Day FREE TRIAL while the Diamond Coral WaterBar has a 7-Day FREE TRIAL.

For more information, contact them at 
Diamond Coral Official Website and 
Diamond Coral Facebook.


Emily said...

Keen to get the trial. Besides, RM2 per day is so reasonable. Thanks for sharing the review and tip me off about the offer.

Bee Lee said...

I love how the alkaline water makes us overall healthier! love the spray too <3

Unknown said...

Heard alot of good stuff about alkaline water... shud give it a try!

yaya_flanella said...

To be honest, alkaline water taste more better and good for our health too. I used to shower my baby with alkaline water as she had mild eczema. Now her skin condition is more better hee :D

YingYin said...

Yes I agree. I am currently using the waterbar and water filter as well. It's really different and changes my life.

Sebrinah Yeo said...

Omg thank you! So grateful to see this post. I have been testing all other water filters and until now I have yet to decide which filter to go for... I'm almost keen on VWA and Kangen... Both alkaline too

123 said...


Joseph Ferguson said...


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