ShiKai Borage Therapy Body Lotion from TNS Skin Lab

When it comes to lotion, I always try to choose a high quality's one as I treasure my skin just like my face. Hence, when TNS Skin Lab launched the ShiKai Body Lotion, I can't wait to try them myself and on the girls.
In fact, ShiKai is an American brand leader in natural body and hair care products. ShiKai is the latest addition to TNS Skin Lab's existing selection of quality natural care products. Each ShiKai product contains a natural ingredient or botanical extract which is responsible for doing what it is the product claims to do. Only high quality ingredients which work are used and in amounts which are effective. No ingredients are added simply for “label claims”.
I have tried out the popular products from ShiKai Borage Therapy line. This line was created to address severe dry skin conditions. The cause may be eczema, atopic dermatitis, children’s cradle cap, dry skin due to diabetes, or simply severe chronic dry skin – the kind that just won’t go away.

They work by reversing a fatty acid deficiency that is common in many of these conditions. The omega-6 fatty acid, GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), is usually created in the body, but many people cannot make enough. The result is chronic dry skin or, in some cases, inflamed, red, itchy skin. Borage Therapy lotions contain borage oil, the world’s richest source of GLA. By topically applying these lotions, the body has an alternative source for GLA. Results can often be seen in just days. Addresses a fundamental cause of dry skin by supplying GLA directly to the cells.
I am using ShiKai Borage Therapy original unscented lotion on myself. It is effective for chronic dry and cracked skin, periodic winter dry skin, diabetic dry skin, dry skin caused by chemical exposure or too frequent washing. Key ingredients include, not only borage oil, but also L-ergothioneine, vitamin C and vitamin E, all powerful anti-oxidants.
ShiKai Borage Therapy original unscented lotion is quite rich in texture, but non sticky after massage it onto skin. It has deeply nourish my ' skin without any greasy feeling.

ShiKai Borage Therapy original unscented lotion 238ml is selling at RM 118.
As for my girls, I am applying ShiKai Borage Therapy children's lotion on them. Similar to the Original Unscented and Lightly Fragranced formulas described, but it differs in that it is missing 2 ingredients which we believe to be beneficial in creams and lotions for anyone over 20. L-ergothioneine and vitamin C, ingredients which help with the transport of GLA to the cells, have been removed since we don’t believe infants and young children need this transport assistance.

On the other hand, these 2 added ingredients won’t hurt. So if you want to use any of the other Borage products on your infant or young child, there is absolutely no problem doing so.
ShiKai Borage Therapy children's lotion are rich in texture, but non sticky after massage it onto their skin. I like how it nourish my girls' skin without irritating nor greasy feeling.

ShiKai Borage Therapy children's lotion 238ml is retailing at RM 99.

Both ShiKai Borage Therapy original unscented lotion and children's lotion comes in a pump bottle, made it convenient to pump out the amount that we need each and every time. The packaging is simple, but user friendly.
Most importantly, the lotions are Non-prescription, Clinically-proven, Natural & Fragrance-Free, Recommended by Dermatologists, Pediatricians and Diabetes Educators and provides both immediate and Long-Term improvement.

Made in USA, ShiKai products are available exclusively at TNS Skin Lab.


Nuha Nawawi said...

Dry skin give flaky appearance, good to know that there is product suitable for dry skin.
Good moisturizing and less oily is preferred.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a good product for me to try since i have eczema skin. Not sure if they have a specific one for that or just anyone will do.

Sharon Lee said...

Never heard about this range of body care products! Glad that your daughter love it!

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