Not Your Ordinary IndoMie @ IndoBowl Cafe

Living in the North part of KL, I seldom travel South. On one exceptional case, I spent an hour to purposely travel there last month. Why? Because I heard that the first cafe that serves our favourite IndoMie instant noodle is opened at Lake Fields, Sungai Besi.
Introducing IndoBowl Cafe, where you can find everything IndoMie here. They are not our ordinary IndoMie as they are served with delicious meats, chef specialty sauces and sambal. Let's check out some of the items on their menu;

Sate Madura Beef/Chicken (set of 5 for RM 9/RM8)
Grilled Madura style beef and chicken sate drenched in special mix of savory and sweet soy sauces, shallots, onions, chili and lime leaves.

We love the sate madura chicken as the meat as tender, juicy and very fragrant.

Indomie Mumbo Jumbo
Perfect for all IndoMie lovers! Indomie mumbo jumbo has everything from sunny side eggs, seafood, rib eye stil Australia, lamb rack Astralia serves on top of IndoMie. This is really a huge portion that can served up to 4 persons.

We recommend this for sharing purposes.

If you are not into noodle, you could opt for their rice bowl too.

Nasi Goreng Seafood (RM 10)
Fried rice with IndoBowl Signature Red/Green sambal served with deep fried battered seafood and fried egg.

Nasi Ayam Madura (RM 12)

Rice served with Grilled Madura style chicken chop with special mix of savory and sweet soy sauces, shallots, onions, chili and lime leaves.

Nasi Iga (RM 15)

Braised beef short ribs with special mix of savory and sweet soy sauces, shallots, onoins, chili and lime leaves.

Nasi Dendeng Daging (RM 12)

Thin slices of spiced beef braised, dried and then grilled.

There are 3 different sambals available – sambal matah, sambal hijau and sambal merah. We presonally like the sambal merah but it might be not spicy enough for some.

IndoBowl Cafe offers a variety of local favourite drinks like 'Teh', soda gembira and juices.

For more information on IndoBowl Cafe, logon to their Facebook page.


Maya said...

Wow... the food looks good and the price is quite reasonable too. Thanks for sharing.

Shafyqah Azahar said...

omg why all the food look so delicious??! i have to try this when i go there

Khalidah Abd Hadi said...

Heard about this and been looking over for its location! Thanks for sharing. The mumbo jumbo is heaven!

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