Meet & Greet Hannah Delisha @ Guerisson Red Ginseng Event

Whenever I heard about Guerisson, it reminds me of the famous and popular horse oil skin care. Originated from South Korea, Guerisson has launched the Red Ginseng series for anti-ageing concern.

Now, you might thought Guerisson's Red Ginseng series is just for mature skin, it is great for millennials too because of it's super hydrating and skin strengthening properties which are perfect for the fast-paced lifestyle we live in now.
Guerisson Red Ginseng skincare range is formulated with Red Ginseng RG3 Complex, a combination of a 6-year-old red ginseng extract and red ginseng liposomes which has a high level of RG3, a major component with saponine. These ingredients will effectively improve one's skin firmness and reduce wrinkles on tired skin caused by ageing.

The addition of the red ginseng created a synergy effect that strengthening the skin's barrier and protects it from environmental aggression, a double barrier protection to fight against signs of ageing and skin hydration.

It is a simple skincare regime with 3 products below;

Skin Essence (120ml at RM 149)

Apply skin essence onto skin as the first step skincare regime as it helps skin absorb other skincare better.

Eye Cream (20ml at RM 159)

Gently apply onto eye area for youthful eyes. You can apply it on other wrinkly spots as well.

Cream (60g at RM 169)

Apply an adequate amount on cream onto skin and achieve double barrier by tapping softly.
Hosted by Ms. Ellen from Korea, Guerisson has organised the Meet & Greet Hannah Delisha event on 9th Sep 2017 at SaSa, IOI City Mall. The popular young actress and singer, Hannah Delisha is the perfect example of a millennial who's a fan of Guerisson's Red Ginseng series.
At only 20 year-old, she has starred in more than 10 shows and has won Most Popular Woman Personality at Pesta Perdana 2017 recently.
The starlet of English and Malay descent hails from Singapore and she started off as a singer in duo group called Delisha, which she then too on as her stage name. If you do not know, her real name is Hannah Adlina Blackburne Birchshe.
Accompanied by Lee Han Na, Guerisson Brand Manager from Korea, Hannah Delisha has shared about her skincare experience to her fans. Hannah Delisha has flawless, fair and radiant skin after using Guerisson Red Ginseng skin care range.

50 lucky fans had took selfie with Hannah with purchase of any Guerisson or Cloud9 products between 31st Aug to 8th Sep 2017 at any SaSa outlets.
The Guerisson Red Ginseng range is exclusive to SaSa only. Do shop at SaSa to get the authentic Guerisson products.

For live videos and pictures of Hannah Delisha in SaSa, IOI City mall, head to


Betty's Journey said...

The packaging look exclusive and the brand is new to me.

PR Daily PH said...

She is so beautiful! I'm using Guerisson cream for months now and I'm loving it!

Shub said...

Heard about this brand and it looks good. I am going to check if I get it in Singapore.

Lisa Nurulain said...

wah.. minat sangat dengan hannah dellisha ni

Shiv B said...

Been hearing good things about the range. Will certainly check it out.

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