GINTELL Flagship Store @ Mid Valley Megamall & Hi5 Rental Plan

GINTELL flagship store grand opening in Mid Valley Megamall was held on the morning of Merdeka Day, 31 Aug 2017. It was a happening opening graced by the appearance of our very own supermodel, Amber Chia and lions dance.
The brand new GINTELL flagship store is huge and display with all GINTELL products for customers to try it on. From the signature DeSpace UFO massage chair, to DeVano S FUNtastic Sofa and many more.

In conjunction with GINTELL flagship store launch, they have also introduced the Hi5 Rental plan.

The Hi5 Rental plan has the benefits below;

- Guaranteed Service (- Small Model (Normal warranty 1 year, with rental plan 3 years) / Big Model (Normal warranty 2 years, with rental plan 3 years). Service team will provide professional tips such as health tips, massage chair operation tips & self-maintenance tips for better & effective use)
- Guaranteed Maintenance
- Guaranteed Replacement (-Under any unforeseen circumstances such as flood, fire, earthquake etc. which results in total loss of product, a replacement will be given)
- Guaranteed Value (-Health Benefits: Relax muscles, aids in posture, improve circulation, relieves stress, and reduce pressure on the nerves. Free gifts exclusive to those who sign the rental plan )
- Guaranteed Upgrade

No credit limit will be needed for the rental plan, and interest will be borne by GINTELL. Customers need not worry about credit card limit, or debit card limit, so long as there’s monthly income. Customers are not tied down to the whole payment, instead they are only paying the monthly rental fees instead of a large sum at once. Interest will not be charge to the customers. Customer will only pay for the monthly fees.

How to join GINTELL Hi5 Rental Plan?

1 . Experience GINTELL products

- Visit a GINTELL outlet and test try the massage chairs

- Experience the benefits it provides and find the most suitable one for you

2. Choose your favourite product

- Select the massage chair/sofa model

- Customers can choose a variety of chairs available

3. Completion of application form

- Fill in necessary details for further instruction

- EG: Personal details etc

4. Submission of supporting documents

- Submit necessary documents for further instruction

- EX: Photocopy of IC, Credit Card or Debit card etc.

5. Wait for product delivery

- Sit back and wait for the product to be delivered to the comfort of your home

- Free delivery to the customers doorstep
For more information, head to GINTELL website / road show to find out more.

More information on GINTELL Hi5 Rental plan could be find at

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Anonymous said...

wow... new massage chair for rent!!! looks really soft and comfy, might try next time if I am in malaysia :D -Joysofyz

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