Alainn Clinic & Medispa Spreads Another Wing At The Golden Triangle Of Kuala Lumpur

Congratulations to Alainn Clinic & Medispa for your grand opening at the Platinum Park, Persiaran KLCC on 12th Aug 2017.
Alainn (aw-lin), from the Old Irish brings the meaning ‘beautiful’. Alainn Medispa, a health and aesthetic clinic, is owned by a proud mother of three wonderful children, Dr Nurul Ain Abdullah whose medical background and experience include emergency medicine, primary healthcare, maternal health, child health and preventive medicine, she has also developed professional treatment programmes at Alainn. Dr Nurul Ain Abdullah's experience in the field of aesthetics has enabled her to identify the most concerning problems affecting most women.
Dr Nurul Ain Abdullah (in the middle) and her team

Alainn offers clients various treatments ranging from facials, laser therapy, radio frequency therapy, platelet rich plasma, dermal fillers, anti-aging, weight loss management and many more. 
Among them are:

'Yummy Mummy' - Helping women manage the effects of pregnancy and childbirth on their body by addressing issues such as loose skin, stretch marks, cellulite within a holistic approach on body contouring.

'FemiVa' - Another exciting new idea that has awakened feminine sensuality by combining non-invasive procedures to rejuvenate the vulva and vagina - giving women a more youthful look and feeling.

'Smart Sculpting' - Allowing people to outsmart stubborn fat with the best non-surgical medical grade therapies within a relaxing and comfortable environment.

Dr Nurul Ain mentioned, “I believe that the essence of anti-aging lies in maintaining a healthy mind and body, while medical aesthetic procedures should only be used to complement this natural process.”
Alainn also has their own range of skincare products ranging from cleanser, essence, serum, sunscreen and more. They are formulated to complement Alainn’s signature treatments for optimal results.
As a mother of 2 girls, I do wish to go for treatments at Alainn Clinic & Medispa to transform myself to a beautiful mum like Dr Nurul Ain.

For more info on Alainn Clinic & Medispa, please find them at:
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yanrula said...

The clinic looks super pretty! I wonder how their price range is like. I want to try haha

Zayani Zulkiffli said...

I really love the black and white concept. It makes the whole medispa looks like professional and expensive.

eanaaziz1234 said...

u already look so gojes Rane!

Unknown said...

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