Tips to Help You Find The Perfect Ready Made Curtains

These days readymade curtains are every bit as beautiful as those you pay to have custom made, but how can you be sure you are finding the perfect pair for your home? Remember, this isn't just a dressing for your window – curtains can change the entire aesthetic and feel of your living space, so it's important that you get this decision right the first time. You may want to consider a few pairs to cycle you through the seasons, though, you don't want dark curtains dragging you down during the sunny months.

Here are the top tips to help you in your quest to purchase the perfect ready made curtains.

  1. The Perfect Measurement
Before you do anything you need to measure the space to ensure you are shopping for the right size. You may not be able to find the exact measurements in a pair of ready made curtains, but it is a good starting point to decide what look you want to achieve. Keep your measurements handy so you can always refer to them when you're shopping. Ready-made curtains come in a few different sizes, so you will need to settle on what size is going to help you achieve the look you're going for.

  1. Style
There are a variety of styles of ready-made curtains, so which style you choose will be wholly dependenton the aesthetic of your home. The most common styles include pencil pleat, the pinched pleat (for more formal affairs), and tie-tops for more casual rooms. The latter are most commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, while the pencil or pinched pleat options are the perfect option for dining rooms, living rooms, or bedrooms. However, there are so many different options that you would be wise to really nail down the look of each room before you start shopping for curtains. Are you looking for a beach feel, an opulent look, or something more casual? Take the time to check out what curtains people are using in their feature rooms and decide what feels right for you.

  1. The Fabric
It isn't just the style that matters here – the fabric has a part to play, too. Your choice here may depend on the season you will be hanging your curtains for and what role you want them to play. While many see them as simple window dressing, other people use curtains to keep drafts out and improve the heat of a room. So bear that in mind while you're shopping. Even ready-made curtains can come with lining. Cotton and linen are fairly casual, while heavy fabrics tend to make rooms feel more opulent – you will need to consider the look of your home as well as the function of your curtains, though. If you have a period home the latter is an easy choice. If your curtains really are just a piece of the décor then the fabric won't have much importance here – though, silk is a bad choice for any area that tends to get moist because silk will rot.

  1. Headings
Another consideration many people overlook is the heading. Do you have a curtain pole in place or will you require hooks to hang them? If you have a curtain pole then you will need eyelet curtains, otherwise, you are safe to purchase the pleated options. With the latter, you get a more distinguished finish. If you already have a curtain pole there is nothing stopping you from removing it and going in another direction – it really will depend on the exact look you're trying to accomplish. If you want opulence then ditch the pole.

  1. The Perfect Retailer
There are plenty of retailers offering ready made curtains, of course, each will offer a different style and quality. This is why you should choose Laura Ashley, not only will you find excellent offers, but you will find a high-quality pair of curtains that feels ready-made just for you. Whether you're looking for a cutesy short pair of curtains for your kitchen windows, or an opulent pair of curtains to finish your newly decorated period dining room.

No matter what your style of preference is, curtain shopping can be an exciting journey. They play a bigger role in the aesthetics of your home than most people give them credit for, so don't pick any old pair and be happy with them. Take the time to find the right style, the right colour, the right fit, the right measurement, and when you have all the information you need head to the perfect retailer to complete your shopping expedition. Curtains are an investment, and while they aren't the most expensive part of your home they are costly and they last for many years so it's not a decision you should take lightly. 


Wilson Ng said...

thanks for the recommendation. now we know where to buy this.

Emily said...

If I have the money, I definitely would love to have things custom made. Looks like I just have to make do with store bought curtains.

Anonymous said...

Nice, thanks for the tips. I just moved in few months back to a house. And it has the old school railing, been months now and im still finding it hard to find the right curtain and the ones with hook. Thanks for this tips.

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