Carlo Rino 30th Anniversary & Enchanted Dreamscape S/S 2016 Collection

Happy 30th Anniversary to my beloved fashion brand, Carlo Rino. 2016 marks the 30th year of the brand’s thriving accomplishments through a projection of fun, vibrancy in colours and vivacity since 1986.  Carlo Rino continues to strive for more by making it all about embracing the quirky, bold and playful. 
In conjunction with the Inaugural Runway Fashion of IOI City Mall, Carlo Rino has held their Enchanted Dreamscape S/S 2016 Collection Fashion Show on lovely Saturday not long ago. Let’s look into the beautiful collection shall we?
Carlo Rino 30th Anniversary & Enchanted Dreamscape S/S 2016 Collection Fashion Show @ IOI City Mall
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Sky Is Never The Limit
Ever gaze at the night sky and simply admire the stars? Well, now you can bring your constellations with you everywhere you go with this dreamy range that captures the brand's monogram in the form of astronomical links. This marvellous range can match with any style; preppy, hipster, arty, classy and even chic, without diminishing the entrancing distinctiveness of its design. Light to carry and spacious to store your necessities in, you’re ready to move at the speed of light with this hip range.

Luxuriously Candylicious 
This adorable range looks so sweet that you just want to have it for desert! Trendy and chic with an added dash of girlish charm in the whimsical debossed design and its sugary pink colour, this wonderful range is the perfect choice for the fashionista with a youthful spirit and a posh sense of style. This beautiful range features polished golden accents and complimentary shoulder straps to maximise your convenience and style. Spice up your ensembles with an infinitely feminine charm.

Mad About Monogram

The evergreen monogrammed-print design is timeless and eternal in the constantly shifting world of fashion. Why? Simply everyone loves it! Carlo Rino proudly presents you with the must-have darling for all seasons...The Mad about Monogram range. Deliberately interlacing the sophisticated brand monogram-print with the streamline construction of contemporary handbags, they have created the ultimate classic-meets-modern range. Befitting for every occasion with any ensemble, these beautiful masterpieces are also lined with streaks of fiery red trimmings and adorned with polished golden accents for that hint of feminine charm and confidence.

Urbane Elite
The range worthy enough to serve your every need in any occasion! This range is included with a small but capacious wristlet and an adorable make-up pouch with a convenient complimentary strap to turn it into a lightweight crossbody, both in sizzling red. Best for last, a sleek and professional satchel that’s great on the eyes and make the perfect storage for documents or even a mini laptop!

A Charming Beginning

Given a touch as fresh as spring itself! Modern trimmings and bold colours for the new you to kick start the seasons in style. These lush Carlo Rino classic monogram-print full-zips feature multiple slots for your cards, spacious sections for your cash and tickets, and a zip compartment especially for your coins. Available in colours of mysterious black, down-to-earth yellow and sweet pink to better suit your personality.

Outdoor Splendour

Chunky and fun, these wedges of wide straps and playful eye-catching colours are made for the carefree and eccentric you! Perfect for a leisurely stroll around the garden or you could even bring them along to your beachside vacation! These darlings will warrant your comfort and style throughout the day and night.

Effortless Elegance

Edgy and cool, these vivacious point-toe pumps with stylish and unique elastic ankle strap are an excellent on-trend addition to your wardrobe! With funky colours and a classy yet eccentric design, these stable mid-height heels are the updated take on the evergreen with a definite retro vibe to jazz up your ensemble and cheer up your day.

Tastefully Demure

Nothing beats the timeless classics! These comfortable shoes in demure colours have the evergreen streamline silhouette of the conventional sandals. They are completed with a functional buckle strap to better secure the shoes to your ankle and 2’’ inches chunky heels to give your height a lift while improving your stature.

Fun In The Sun

The must-have for the summer lovers! Whether you are planning to go to a weekend pool party at your friend’s or a casual day around the neighbourhood for supper, these vivaciously colourful pair of sandals are the ideal shoes for the job. Extremely convenient and surprisingly comfortable, these lovelies are also stylish and trendy in design.
Offer a wide range of handbags and footwear for their customers’ selection; stretching from casual day-outs to formal events. Carlo Rino will celebrate this milestone together with their customers by offering fabulous new variance in styling option.  
Special rewards, exclusive promotions and limited edition pieces are made for Carlo Rino 30th Anniversary Celebration, dedicated to their loyal customers for the continuous faith and support.
Thank you for having me!

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Emily said...

It is so difficult to brain that it has been 30 years already. I still remember when they first started. Oops! I am showing my age!

Rawlins GLAM said...

Carlo Rino is moving up in the world of fashion nowadays.
I love the classic and modern take of the bags and the shoes look so elegant.
Congrats Carlo Rino.

5 Little Angels said...

I love Carlo Rino bags. Looks elegant and beautiful. Hope to get 1 soon.

Fadzi Razak said...

I don't really use handbag actually. but these collection really attract my attention

Miera Nadhirah said...

Definitely a dreamy collection all fashionable women would love to own

Ivy Kam said...

Nice collection, I like this brand so much, even own some bags and shoes from Carlo Rino :)

Caroline said...

Shall check out this collection in their store soon!

Sunshine Kelly said...

I love their fun in the sun collection also.

Shiv B said...

Awh the collection looks great Rane, love the range of bags as well. Will check out their store soon <3

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