Review: Ginvera Marvel White

The new Ginvera Marvel White has launched a few weeks ago in Malaysia. For those of you who have missed out the product launch post, you could read it <here>.
GINVERA Marvel White is a Double Whitening Function series to removes Blackheads in 1 Step Painless, Thorough & Easy Way. 
With natural Japanese ingredients Green Tea & Shiso to create Fairer & Blemish free skin with using friendly product design.

Ginvera Marvel Gel is the only one & trusted Marvel Gel in the market. Unlike other ordinary facial scrub, Marvel Gel can use daily, guaranteed result in 1 application.
Ginvera Marvel White contains Active Ingredients below;

1)    Green Tea Extract – offers excellent antioxidant properties that help in fighting free radicals, shield the skin from UVB radiation and deliver soothing relief for sensitive and irritated skin, hence resulting in a fairer and more radiant skin tone.
2)     Swiss Cress Sprout & Soy Bean Extract –  the exceptional whitening benefits help to lighten dark spots and pigmentations, reduce effects of daytime stressors, brighten & even out skin tone, hence Marvel Gel delivers visible whitening results while keeping the skin perfectly moisturized.
3)     Japanese Shiso Extract – A natural active ingredient with excellent anti-inflammatory benefits that offers soothing relief from redness and itchiness, and helps to prevent formation of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples by inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

All media and bloggers were given a set of Ginvera Marvel White full range products to go home that day. I can’t wait to share with you my view after using it for a few weeks now.

Step 1: Exfoliate
Ginvera Marvel White Zero Blackheads Marvel Gel
The first step is exfoliating with my most favourite Ginvera Marvel White Zero Blackhead Marvel Gel.  It helps to gently yet effectively get rid of blackheads without pain. Enriched with Japanese Shiso Extract, it helps to prevent formation of blackheads. Use daily for fair and flawless skin. Ideal for use by both female & male.
Ginvera Marvel White Zero Blackhead Marvel Gel has 5 Marvellous Product Efficacies;

1)      Effectively “zeros-out” blackheads thoroughly and painlessly.
2)      Helps to fade pigmentation, spots and acne scars.  
3)      Removes dead skin cells to reveal a brighter finer complexion. 
4)      Refines and contracts the appearance of pores to reveal finer and smoother skin.
5)      Prepares skin to better absorb the benefits of skin care that follows.
Ginvera Marvel White Zero Blackhead Marvel Gel Ingredients

Use daily. Squeeze an ample amount and apply onto dry face and neck with dry fingers, focusing on the T-zone area in particular. Gently massage in circular motions until small flakes appear which is the dead skin cells and dirt from the skin.  Rinse off with water/facial cleanser afterwards. For best results, complement use with Ginvera Marvel White Skin Care series.
Step 2Cleanse
Ginvera Marvel White Complete Cleansing Foam
Cleanses Deep Down Into Pores for Flawless, Translucent and Radiant Skin!

Product efficacies:
·   The creamy lather gently and thoroughly cleanses away trapped impurities and excess oil that can clog pores and lead to blackheads and breakouts.
·    Naturally whitens your skin as you cleanse.
·    Leaves your skin silky smooth without unwanted tight drying feel after use.
Ginvera Marvel White Complete Cleansing Foam Ingredients

Gently lather an ample amount on moistened palms and message onto damp face with gentle circular movements. Rinse off thoroughly. For best results, complement use with Ginvera Marvel White Skin Care series.
Step 3Clarify
Ginvera Marvel White Refining Toner
Tone, Refine and Purify in Just 1 Spray
Product efficacies:
·     Refines and tightens pores, nourishes and softens skin.
·     Brightens and evens skin tone for an instant naturally flawless and luminous fair complexion.
·     Easily absorbed into the skin without leaving a sticky layer.
Ginvera Marvel White Refining Toner Ingredients

·     Use daily after cleansing. Hold bottle approximately 20cm from face. Close eyes and spray evenly on face. Gently tab for full absorption.
Step 4Moisture
Ginvera Marvel White Whitening Face Lotion
Day and Night Nourishment for Flawless, Radiant Skin

Product efficacies:
·     Whitens and rejuvenates skin regimen with effective natural whitening active ingredients.
·   Rich in natural anti-inflammatory ingredients that relieve and soothe skin, keeps skin blemish-free with a healthy radiant glow.
·   With the innovative non-sticky & non-greasy formula, this lotion melts seamlessly into your skin, leaving your skin comfortably moisturized all day long.
Ginvera Marvel White Whitening Face Lotion Ingredients

·    Gently massage an ample amount onto face and neck until fully absorbed. Use twice per day to keep your skin fair and flawless.
I like Ginvera Marvel White skincare range because it gives instant freshness effect. My skin feels fresh and soft after using it. It’s non greasy formula suit our humid and hot weather here perfectly. They are very affordable and easily available at Watsons, Guardian, Caring, Aeon, Tesco, Carrefour, Giant, The Store, Econsave, Billion, Bintang, Parkson, Uda Ocean, Chinese medical halls and other leading pharmacies. 

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Anonymous said...

hello waiyee! may i know the ingredient lists in the face lotion? i wanted to try out the lotion because i've tried the marvel gel and i love it soo much! so i think the overall products are good to try as the marvel gel was so brilliant. thank you very much for your effort :)

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