Review: Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care 10 Shampoo & Conditioner

Heat and humidity are the most common factors attributed to dull and lifeless hair. However, what is not commonly known is that minerals naturally present in water can have a detrimental effect on the protein structure of hair, or keratin, becoming the invisible enemy of healthy-looking hair! Pantene Hair Research Institute (PHRI) experts discovered that the build-up of excessive oxidative minerals in hair can have damaging effects on hair health. Oxidative minerals amplify the production of free radicals, which in turn leads to the fracture and erosion of proteins, weakening hair over time 
The solution? Enter Pantene’s Keratin Damage Blocker (KDB) Technology, reformulated into the Pantene Pro-V haircare range of shampoos. KDB Technology actively targets, captures and helps to neutralize excessive oxidative minerals in hair. Instead of waiting for free radicals to be produced before attacking them, Damage Blockers actually help prevent their formation by reducing excessive levels of minerals in hair. Pantene is the first global brand designed to prevent protein erosion by minimizing mineral accumulation in hair.

With continued use, mineral-induced oxidative stress declines, hair’s proteins are better preserved, and hair condition can improve over time, ultimately giving you beautiful, radiant and shiny hair. Hair health is improved with every wash with Pantene Pro-V shampoos, now with Keratin Damage Blocker Technology and invisible enemies remain invisible!

The reformulated Pantene Pro-V shampoo range with Keratin Damage Blocker technology includes Color & Perm Lasting Care, Daily Moisture Repair, Hair Fall Control, and Total Damage Care.

Since I have damaged hair due to frequent styling and coloring, I have given Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care 10 Shampoo & Conditioner a try recently.
The shampoo and conditioner come in plastic bottle with a golden flip open cap.
The shampoo is creamy and lathers well.
The conditioner is rich and nourish to my hair.
What I like most is their nice scent, which stays in my hair for quite a long time.

Pantene Pro-V shampoo range is affordable. It is priced from RM9.90 for 170ml and is available at all leading retailers nationwide.

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