Review: Scratch No More Scratch Mitten with Sleeves

When my younger daughter, JX, turned 13 months old, she was diagnosed with eczema. I was so worried and don't know what to do. Her eczema turned to severe due to itchiness and scratches in a very short time. Her ears were infected badly and I just had to try everything to help her.
Thanks to Scratch No More's sponsorship, JX had a chance to try out their Scratch Mitten.
Scratch No More is a comfortable scratch mitten with sleeves, it is designed to stay on baby to protect their soft skin from harmful scratches during an itch. It is proudly made by a Malaysian Mom whom kid had developed eczema, Bravo!
I agree that it is very important to prevent baby from scratch because scratches is really harmful and hurtful to the skin.
Scratch No More is made from a piece of soft cotton knit fabric for the sleeves, which is suitable for our hot tropical climate here.
The double layered satin silk fabric for the mittens protects sensitive skin from sharp little fingernails.
Easily worn like a small jacket but it is impossible for baby to take off. JX always wanted to take it off herself hence I let her wear only after she was asleep.
When worn daily, it helps with healing of broken skin and prevents further abrasion.

Scratch No More Scratch Mitten with Sleeves is a good solution for babies with skin conditions such as eczema, cradle cap, and other skin irritations.
Scratch No More is available in 3 sizes; S, M, and L.

To determine the right size, measure your child’s wingspan, i.e. from fingertip until backbone multiply by two, in centimeters (cm) and look for the best size below: 
S size = Wingspan 60-70cm 
M size = Wingspan 70-80cm 
L size = Wingspan 80-90cm 
JX is wearing L size, it fits her nicely.

Suitability: Babies from 2 months old onwards till toddler age.
Scratch No More can give parents an ultimate relief and much needed sleep.

Scratch No More tagline - No more scratches = happy baby, joyful parents!

For more information about Scratch No More, visit their Facebook page at

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