Review: Deep Red facial at The Sloane Clinic™

On my second visit to The Sloane Clinic™ Bangsar, I was consulted by Dr Wong Jinly. She examined my skin and advises me to try the Deep Red facial to resolve my open pores, breakouts and sensitive combination skin concerns.
Deep Red is The Sloane Clinic’s most coveted deeply rejuvenating facial. It uses The Sloane Clinic’s trademark 5-step cell enhancement process to regenerate our skin dramatically and to improve skin healing effectively. 

Deep Red facial treatment started with gentle Microdermabrasion Scrub for dissolving away dead cells and stimulation of lymphatic flow.
It follows by Deep Sonic Cleansing that uses advanced ultrasound to achieve total skin clarity without needed the painful extractions. The Beautician placed two cottons into my ears to prevent and reduce the sound waves of the device.  My blackheads and whiteheads purged from my face efficiently with this step.

My skin is then well-prepped to absorb the maximum goodness of vitamin C, antioxidants and hydrators penetrate by the sonic wave action as well.

The treatment followed by LED Red light therapy. It is a well-established form of photobiomodulation treatment. With a wavelength coded to enhance cellular regeneration and skin healing, it is a painless and risk-free way to calm irritations & inflamed zits and rejuvenate sensitive skin without any downtime. LED Red Light therapy boost sluggish cell metabolism & stimulating rapid healing so that our skin is firmer & plumper. Iontophoresis with vitamins to fight free radicals and recharge our cells with vitality and youth. My eyes were protected with eye cover in the whole 20 minutes procedures, however I could still felt the strong light though. 
Last but not least, they put on a collagen mask to boost the collagen and firmness of my skin.
Sloane Inc Products used for Deep Red facial

After the one hour facial, my skin is not only more moisturized and plumped, it is brighter and radiant too. I like it’s lasting results, the good conditions stayed for more than 3 weeks now.
Deep Red facial treatment is best for reducing fine lines, wrinkles, brightening dull and tired skin, Anti-ageing, minimise pore size and to refine skin complexionIt cost RM400 per session of an hour. You could also opt to go for Deep Red Light treatment alone without facial, and it cost RM200.
Dr Wong also suggested me to try 2 products at home.
First, the Sloane Inc Super Food Red algae. It has Potent anti-ageing include vitamin A, C, E and antioxidants Astaxanthin extracted from red algae.
Skin Superfood's innovative controlled release formulation delivers bursts of ceramides and astaxanthin goodness all day and all night, working overtime to boost skin's health, restore dermal elasticity and prevent the formation of wrinkles and lines. 
The cream was easily absorb into my skin without any greasy feel. My skin is softer, more radiant and growing after 5 days. This is a good product however it’s quite pricey.
Sloane Inc Super Food Red algae 15g is retail at RM 400.
The other product is Sloane Inc White plasma S6.5
Uneven skin tones and discolouration may be a thing of the past. Sloane Inc’s White Plasma serum combats two issues: Spots of pigmentation and overall uneven skin tone. 
It contains vitamin C and tyrosinase inhibitors to lighten pigmentation spots, while the rest of the serum helps to retain your skin’s luminosity. The oil-free serum is said to absorb at lightning speed into your skin, and its use of minimal ingredients (there are no AHAs or retinoids) make it suitable for people with sensitive skin. If you’re looking for a dual-action brightening serum, this might be it!
I like the fact that Sloane Inc White plasma S6.5 is light and oil free. It goes well with my sensitive skin, and it absorb well into my skin.
Sloane Inc White plasma S6.5 30ml is retail at RM 180.

I like the packaging of Sloane Inc products, they are advance and hygienic. 
Sloane Inc Super Food Red algae ooze out from the jar by gentle press on the red platform after removing the lid. 
While Sloane Inc White plasma S6.5 has a open and close function on it’s lid. I don’t need to worry about contamination with it’s hi tech packaging.
The Sloane Clinic™ have 2 branches in Malaysia;

The Sloane Clinic™ Bangsar
79 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2288 1788.

The Sloane Clinic™ Pavillion Beauty Hall
Lot 7.02.04, Beauty Hall, Level 7, Pavillion KL
Tel: +603 211- 6488

The Sloane Clinic™ Malaysia website:

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