Make Up For Ever Why Brushes, Not Fingers Workshop

How do you apply makeup? Using fingers or brushes? For me I would definitely go for brushes because I am a brush addict. Last month, I was more convincing of the benefits of using a brush after attended the Make Up For Ever Why Brushes, Not Fingers Workshop held at Make Up For Ever Pro Boutique at Level 2, Sephora Starhill.
Can I have this at home please...
Make Up For Ever has introduced 75 signature designed, premium craftsmanship brushes recently. They are exclusively hand-made by highly qualified specialists, every single brush of the Make Up For Ever Brush Collection requires 25 different productions steps, involving 30 people in each hand-crafted manufacturing process.
‘As a make-up brand designed for professionals and enthusiasts of the arts, Make Up For Ever has created a brush revolution with their new collection of 75 make-up brushes. This collection is both practical yet creative, and I am confident that it will meet all the needs and desires of both make-up artists and women from all over the world.

The materials for the brushes were chosen from a variety of non-natural fibers with the most perfect quality, and it is a technological breakthrough for Make Up For Ever that these fibers are close to the silky softness that natural hair brushes offer.’ said Danny Sanz, Creator and Artistic Director of Make Up For Ever.
So Why Brushes, Not Fingers? Basically there are 4 major advantages below;

1) Precision. Unlike fingers, brushes can distribute products on your face more evenly.

      2) Coverage. With brushes, you can control the amount of products and build as and where more coverage is needed. Remember what they say about less is more?

      3) Buff & blend. Achieve a smoother and more natural long-lasting look with the help of brushes. You can reach inner corners around the nose more easily too.

      4) Save time, save money. You may not realize it, but using fingers waste more products, because you are swiping your make-up away and not blending it! It is a lot easier to blend textures with brushes and not create a Big mess on your face.
The pretty Make Up For Ever makeup artist shown us how the make-up look different from using brushes and fingers.
The MUA used brushes to make-up on the right face of the model
And fingers on the left side of face.
See, right side make-up is smooth, flawless and beautiful. Where left side make-up look not precise and not nice.

In the meantime, we have also tried it out on our face so that we could feel it ourselves. I like this kind of hands-on workshop a lot.
There are 3 types of brushes - Straight / Wavy / Straight & Wavy for different effects
Spot the different results by using these 3 different brushes.
L: Straight & Wavy
M: Wavy
R: Straight

When using a brush to apply foundation, I can feel it's cooling and smooth which was completely different from using fingers. Foundation look more dewy and perfect finish using brushes.

Eye shadow and blusher are easier to blend with brushes. It look more even and smooth too when applying with brushes.

Lastly, lips look fuller and more pigmented while apply lipstick with brushes.
However, brushes are a bit of a steep investment, but if used with care, it could last very long. I always believe in investment in good brushes, and it’s important to take care them to extend their life span. For instant, clean it after every use.
I like Make Up For Ever new Instant brush cleaner. The spray type cleaner is very convenient to use. And the most importantly is it dries quickly. We could use the brushes almost immediately after cleansing with it.
Make Up For Ever Malaysia Brand manager, Mr. Stanley Wong showcased the latest products to us.

For more information about Make Up For Ever, go to

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