Nu-Teen 呈现東于哲 <同学会> 电影 | Nu-Teen Presents 'The Gathering' Ft Thomas & Jack

<同学会> 就要上映了,就在2014年9月4日会在全国上映

我的读者们,你们有福了,因为你们除了可以预先免费观赏电影之余,还有机会与东于哲, 朱浩仁以及新人周周见面,并且得到 Nu-Teen 赞助的护肤品一套哦。

首映礼在这个星期天,8月31日在成功广场 GSC  电影院, 早上九点半到下午一点半。

我总共会送出三对戏票哦,每个读者可以携带一个同伴,而你们俩也会得到 Nu-Teen 赞助的护肤品各一份


1)按赞 Nu-Teen 面书 -
2)按赞 我的面书 -
或 公开跟随我的部落
3) 在这篇部落流言告诉我为什么你要参加首映礼,请提供你的名字和电邮地址以便联络。


Movie Ft Thomas & Jack is on cinema this September 4th. Good news for Wai Yee aka Rane's readers, I am giving out 3 pairs of movie premiere tickets to my readers. Not only you gotta bring a friend to watch the movie for free in advance, you and your friend will also get a set of Nu-Teen skincare product courtesy by Nu-Teen and to meet ThomasJack / Jo / Hao Ren in person!

When: 31st August 2014

Where: GSC Berjaya Times Square

Time: 9.30am – 1:30pm

How to join?

1)Like Nu-Teen facebook page -
2)Like my facebook page -
or follow my blog publicly -
3) Leave a comment with your name and email address, and tell me why would you want to join the movie premiere.

The giveaway starts from now until 28th Aug 6pm(MYT). Winners would be notify by email and you must reply me with you & your friend details latest by 29th Aug 2014, 12pm.

See ya this Sunday, cheers.
You could watch the movie trailer here.


Sherry said...

Nice but got other plan

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Ah I see, next time then. :)

Anonymous said...


名字:Andrew Koon

Anonymous said...

I want to watch the movie because it's taken in Taiping, my hometown.

Name: Jess Wong

Email: wong(dot)

Anonymous said...

I want to celebrate Merdeka Day specially this year with Thomas & Jack!

Name: Ong King Soon

Email: ongkingsoon(at)

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Thank you guys for participate. Please check your email and reply to me ASAP.

See you all this Sunday! :)

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