Review: Guardian Mouthwash

I am a mouthwash user for many years. Mouthwash not only make my mouth feel fresh and smell better, it also helps to reduce the quantity and quality of the dental plaque and/or bacteria in my mouth too.
Recently I were given 4 types of Guardian brand Mouthwash to try.

1) Total Protect
This is a 8-in-1 benefits mouthwash and holistic oral care. It restore mineral to enamel, prevent tartar build up, strengthen teeth, reduce plaque, maintain healthy gum, freshen breath and maintain natural whiteness of teeth.
Guardian Total Protect mouthwash is available in 3 sizes: 100ml RM 4.90, 400ml RM 12.90 and 750ml RM 18.90

2) Brightening + Tartar Control
For those who seek teeth brightening benefits especially coffee/tea drinker and smokers. It kills 99.9% bacteria and is sugar free. It helps to reduces tartar formation, brighten teeth and prevents plaque accumulation.

Brightening + Tartar Control is available in 2 sizes: 100ml RM 4.50 and 750ml RM 16.90

3) Cool Mint
This is a basic mouthwash with cooling sensation. It helps to strengthen teeth and reduces bad breath.
Cool Mint is available in 2 sizes: 100ml RM 3.90 and 750ml RM 15.90

All the 3 mouthwash above kill 99.9% bacteria and they contain alcohol but it is Halal certified.

4) Peppermint with Tea Tree Oil
Sugar and alcohol free mouthwash with less burning sensation. Refreshing flavor with added Tea Tree Oil for fresher breath. It helps to reduces bad breath.
Peppermint with Tea Tree Oil is available in 2 sizes: 100ml RM 3.90 and 760ml RM 15.90

Mouthwash is my last step in oral hygiene process in the morning and evening.
I found that Guardian Mouthwash are really affordable yet efficient. My personal favourite would be the cool mint for it's minty sensation. My mouth feels refreshing and it gives me long lasting fresh breath.

Guardian mouthwash is available at all Guardian outlets and online store at

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