Once a Week Fit-Fit Bom Pit Pit with Yogurugen Colon D'tox

Do you suffer from Stress, stuffed tummy, skin issue, constipation, weight matter, bower irregularity? With the new Advanced formula of Yogurugen Colon D'tox, this will not happen again.
US medical experts have reported that of 22,000 human autopsies, none had a healthy colon. 80% of adults around the World have constipation at some time during their lives.

Yogurugen promote intestinal peristalsis, resist bacteria and parasites, making it easier to discharge stool and develop a good intestinal environment.
Easy to use

1) Mix half to one sachet with 200ml of lukewarm water below 40 degree Celsius.
2) Consume on empty stomach.
Note: Consume for 3 consecutive days for the first treatment, and once every week thereafter.
Avoid taking solid food at least 2 hours after drinking.
It taste like normal water to me. And it has a fast effect, I pass motion for a few times after my first consumption. I could feel my lighter body after finishing a box of Yogurugen Colon D'tox.
A box of 5 sachets of 30g is selling at RM 69. It is available at all Sa Sa Malaysia stores.
For more information about Yogurugen Colon D'tox, go to http://www.tokyoninki.com/

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