Laneige Launches “Waterful Sharing Campaign” in Partnership with Malaysian Environmental NGOs (MENGO)

Following Laneige’s global campaign to raise awareness on water accessibility to communities in need, Laneige Malaysia has kick started an initiative called “Waterful Sharing Campaign” to aid marginalised groups through a partnership with Malaysian Environmental NGOs (MENGO).
Seen in photo is the Laneige Malaysia and MENGO team with the children of Trinity Community Children Home Society all excited to kick off the “Waterful Sharing Campaign”.

Laneige Malaysia and MENGO are targeting to raise RM 60,000 through a 3 month campaign to facilitate the installation of rainwater harvesting systems in selected homes. Three homes have been identified so far to benefit from the campaign, including Trinity Community Children Home Society, Shelter Home for Children and Praise Emmanuel Children Home.
Seen in photo (from left to right) is MENGO Coordinator, Awang Muzaiddin Bin Ahat, explaining to Margaret Chin (Brand General Manager of Amorepacific Malaysia) and Foong Winnie (Brand Manager of Laneige) on how the roofs at Trinity Community Children Home can channel rainwater to a gutter system.

The campaign is aimed at providing the homes with simple yet innovative ways to harvest rain water which in turn will reduce expenditure on water bills. In addition, the rainwater harvesting systems are designed to serve the homes during water crisis. Clean water is critical to maintain hygiene and well-being of people living in homes, particularly children, old folks and the disabled due to their special needs.

According to Bernama News, Malaysians are still using an average of 220 to 250 liters of water or about 160 bottles of 1.5-litre water, per person daily, despite the recent water crisis and rationing exercise implemented in Selangor. Out of the 220 to 250 liters an average Malaysian uses daily, only 30% are used directly in relation to consumption like cooking and drinking.

Brand Manager of Laneige Malaysia, Foong Winnie said, “Although the recent water crisis has raised awareness on the need to install water-saving kits at home, marginalised communities struggle whenever they are hit with a water crisis as they have limited resources. With the experience and expertise of MENGO, we hope to amplify the awareness and reach of the “Waterful Sharing Campaign”. In fact, we would like to do a call out to other corporations to join in this campaign so that more homes can benefit from this initiative.”
Laneige Malaysia and MENGO team are seen evaluating the situation at Trinity Community Children Home Society and discussing solutions to help the home harvest rainwater which in turn will help reduce expenditure on water bills.
A recent visit to Trinity Community Children Home Society shows an urgent need for installation of an effective rainwater harvesting system designed to serve the home during a water crisis.

Sharing on the local social context, Chairperson of the Malaysian Environmental NGOs (MENGO) Yasmin Rasyid said, “Malaysians unfortunately are one of the highest consumers of water per day. With the recent water crisis, many Malaysians were caught off guard with water rationing measures and because of our complacency in dealing with such crisis, the average Malaysian found it difficult to adapt to a reduced water consumption pattern. Rainwater harvesting is a simple yet easy way to capture and store rainwater for any emergency use.”
Yasmin added, “Unfortunately, in most homes, rainwater flows directly to the drains. By adjusting roof structures, we can create an effective rainwater capture system so that when it pours heavily, our roofs can do a good job at channelling the rainwater to a gutter system. This simple yet effective method will ensure that the homes are able to deal with any future water crisis.”
Commenting on the Laneige “Waterful Sharing Campaign”, Chairperson of the Malaysian Environmental NGOs (MENGO) Yasmin Rasyid hopes to see the general public respond to the call for action to assist marginalised homes to address water-related issues.

To support the campaign, Laneige is launching its “Waterful Charity Kit” featuring limited edition packaging design where RM10 from the Charity Kit will be contributed towards the targeted fund. The “Waterful Charity Kit” will consist of Multi Cleanser (30 ml), Power Essential Skin Refiner_Light / Moisture (50 ml), Balancing Emulsion_Light / Moisture (50 ml), Water Bank Essence_EX (30 ml), Water Bank Gel / Moisture Cream_EX (20 ml) and Water Sleeping Pack_EX (20 ml). With the tagline Awaken Naturally Hydrated Skin, the “Waterful Charity Kit” will be retailing at RM 129 per pack at all Laneige beauty counters nationwide starting July 2014.
Apart from fund raising activities for the campaign, Laneige Malaysia and MENGO have pulled out all stops to engage multiple stakeholders in the community. A series of talks and workshops in universities are being planned to inspire and recruit volunteers to lend a helping hand during the installation of the systems targeted in September.

In addition, the Laneige Malaysia team has pledged their commitment to help by cleaning and sprucing up the environment of the homes whilst the installations take place. A talk for the residents of the three homes will also be carried out to share information on how to keep their skin hydrated and healthy.
Margaret Chin, Brand General Manager of Amorepacific Malaysia (in Blue blouse) and the MENGO team are seen discussing the magnitude of the water harvesting tank for Trinity Community Children Home Society.

“I know we are only starting with three homes now, but this is a litmus test to see how well the general public responds to the call for action to assist marginalised homes to address water-related issues. I hope that this collaboration will continue to inspire other sectors, whether communities or even corporates, to lend their support. I am very excited about this and I realise we can't benefit all homes in the country, but if we can just as much, take this first step, we hope other parties would be inspired and encouraged to do the same.” Yasmin shared.

“At Laneige, water is very close to our hearts as we scientifically study water and its benefits continuously. Through this campaign we hope to play a role in educating Malaysians about the importance of saving water as well as contribute towards efforts to supply clean and fresh water to marginalised groups in Malaysia. We envision the “Waterful Sharing Campaign” to be an annual effort where multiple stakeholders come together to make a difference”, concluded Foong.

To find out more information about Laneige Malaysia’s “Waterful Sharing Campaign” and the “Waterful Charity Kit”, please log on to or connect via

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