Happy 11th Anniversary to Cres Wellness & New Member Recruitment

Happy 11th Anniversary to CRES Wellness, my favourite spa & salon. It is the founder of Cellnique Paramedical, it is a beauty salon who provide every ladies needs. CRES stand for “confidence”, “relaxation”, “elegance”, “sophistication”, is every ladies “dreams land”. CRES provide skin care treatment, body spa and massage facilities. CRES salon has more than 30 types of beauty treatments, using CELLNIQUE products and 11 years of extensive experience in beauty, CRES is definitely a trustworthy, it make ladies more elegant, charming and attractive.
CRES new facial treatment Plotox Micro Facelift Using nanotechnology and biological liposome encapsulating technology to combine the anti-aging factor "Green Peptides" and whitening factor "AHAS" and penetrate quickly into deep skin cells to provide nutrition to the cell. Increase the production of collagen and elastic fibers. Making skin look full, shiny, white and young. This treatment will provide visible result within 15 minutes, rapid repair of the ruptured collagen, reduce wrinkles, tighten eye bags, reducing pores size, lifted and sharpened facial contour. You may look 5-10 years younger if continuous therapy for 3 month.

CRES 11th anniversary sales will be held on next weekend which is on the 2nd & 3rd Aug 2014 at 9 branches throughout Malaysia's. 
During the celebration every customer can enjoy up to 70% discounts and offers by CRES. The most exciting and special of the event are lucky draw gifts, cash voucher worth more than RM1 million waiting for you to win.

In conjunction with their 11th anniversary, you are welcome to join them as a new member too. All you need to do is to fill up the form at http://www.cellnique.com/cres/11th/newmember.php
For more details, please contact CRES Hotline 016-2077126 or email to CRES care line crescareline@creswellness.com

CRES Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/creswellness

CRES Outlets are available at Jusco Cheras Selatan (03-90763369), The Gardens (03-22876369), Bukit Tinggi Klang (03-33240828), Metro Prima Kepong (03-62507868), USJ(03-56365313), Puchong (03-80751289), Jusco Seremban II (06-6015828), Jusco Bandaraya Melaka (06-2921951), Taman Desa Tebrau JB (07-3577012). 

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