Review: Clinelle® WHITENup Skincare Range

Majority of us Asian always wanted fairer skin; we strike to achieve that by putting on whitening skin care, and some would even go for whitening jab or aesthetic procedures. Most of the whitening skincare could cost a lot and it would not be suitable for everyone especially for those who are having sensitive skin like me.
Recently I’ve came across a drug store skincare brand, Clinelle® for their WHITENup Skincare Range. Their ambassador is Ella Chen whom is one of my idol hence I told myself I must give the Clinelle® WHITENup Skincare Range a try.

Clinelle® WHITENup Skincare Range use 3X whitening power effect for immediate visible results.

Clinelle® WHITENup skincare is dermatologically tested, designed with latest scientific technology from USA and formulated with Japanese efficacy. It contains powerful paraben free active ingredients that is enriched with natural 3X Whitening Power of Japanese Purple Rice Extract, Daisy Flower Extract and Hydrolyzed Black Pearl for visibly fairer and flawless skin in just a few days.

The range contain 6 products namely below;

Step 1: Cleanser 100ml retail at RM 33.90

Step 2: Toner 120ml retail at RM 33.90

Step 3: Serum 20ml retail at RM 79.90
Clinelle® WHITENup serum is in clear gel texture. It absorbs into skin easily and leave my skin moisturized.

Clinelle® WHITENup serum Ingredients

Follow by Clinelle® WHITENup Spot Corrector 15ml retail at RM 59.90
Comes in a tube, I could easily squeeze out the amount that we need. 
The texture is thicker than the serum, I apply this on my freckles and concern area.
Clinelle® WHITENup Spot Corrector Ingredients

Step 4: For Day time - Day Cream SPF 20 40ml retail at RM53.90
I like it’s flowery scent, thanks to the daisy flower extract. Just like the serum, the cream absorb quickly too. I normally top up my sunscreen after this for better protection.
Clinelle® WHITENup Day Cream Ingredients

                Night time – Night Cream 40ml retail at RM 59.90

Clinelle® WHITENup Skincare Range does not contain Paraben. The formula is mild so it’s OK even with my mild sensitive skin. What’s more, the price is really reasonable, and it’s very easy to get at pharmacy.

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