Lip Lover, The Very First Serial Kisser by Lancôme

Bonjour, welcome to the month of July 2014! Last month, Lancôme unveils the new must-have from the In Love range: Lip Lover, and I was honored to be invited to their media and blogger pre-launch event at PJ Uptown.
Following on from Rouge In Love, the ultra-addictive versatile lipstick, Gloss In Love, the brilliantly styled light-catcher lip gloss and Baume in Love, the phenomenally subtle moisturizing balm, Lip Lover is just the product trendsetters everyone have been waiting for! 
An essential accessory that brings out the personality of every look in any occasion. Lip Lover is the perfect match for any lips. Colour, shine and care all in one – quite simply lip-changing!
One of a kind, its hybrid formula combines refined colour effects, “made-to-measure” shine and lasting comfort… Lip Lover truly beautifies every smile with its infinitely adjustable shades that can be customised to suit every mood! Adorns lips with the je ne sais quoi that invites a kiss...
On my lips: shade 355 Framboise Étoile

Lancôme reinvents the emblematic colour of femininity with its biggest ever palette of pinks specially created for lips: 18 feel-good shades divided into two colour families;
Lancôme Lip Lover Swatches

1) Basic Chic shades

From pink-beige all the way to rosewood, a palette of delights built around the theme of pink!
9 fresh and delicate shades for a subtly lip-beautifying effect. From soft nudes to intensely pigmented shades, the Basics are resolutely Chic.

For example? Casse-Noisette, a ballerina pink with all the grace of a dance step, Beige Adage, a light-infused flesh tone to match the pink in cheeks, or why not Corail Cabriole whose subtle orange accents serve to brighten every complexion...

313 Rose Ballet
314 Casse-Noisette
316 Rose Attrape-cœur
318 Abricot Tango
320 Ambre Arabesque
321 Rose Contre-temps
333 Rose des Nymphes
334 Corail Cabriole
338 Rose des Cygnes
Lancôme Lip Lover Swatches

2) Creative Chic shades

A cascade of resolutely pop shades to offer a daring twist to every look... A sparkling range infused with all the charm of coral, raspberry and deep purple, including a range of mouth-watering delights such as Pas de Prune, an intense magenta to electrify beauty, Rose Gracieuse, a radiant shade with ruby tints, Belle de Rouge, a vibrant shade for mischievous lips, or Bordeaux Tempo, a deep and utterly bewitching purple.

336 Orange Manège
337 Lip Lover
339 Fuschia Attitude
351 Pas de Prune
353 Rose Gracieuse
355 Framboise Étoile
356 Belle de Rouge
357 Bouquet Final
362 Bordeaux Tempo
Lancôme Lip Lover Swatches

These Lip Lover range shades are simply indispensable. If you had to choose three essential, universal shades to keep all to yourself and at all times, below are the 3 star shades for you;
  • Rose Attrape-cœur, a delicate peony pink guaranteed to win hearts.
  • Framboise Étoile, a ripe raspberry shade, for delectably irresistible lips.
  • And of course Lip Lover itself, a radiant fuchsia you can’t help falling in love with.
Julian Tan, Lancôme Malaysia's assistant product manager introduced us the New Lancôme Lip Lover

Colour, Shine, Lipcare... The perfect alchemy

The comfort of a balm. The refined colour of a lipstick. The shaping shine of a gloss. Lip Lover excels in all areas!

Lip Lover has a trio of best assets:

Colour: infused with lipstick pigments, the shades melt into the intensity of lips’ natural colour to truly reveal their beauty. Deep colours, without ever feathering.

    Shine: “made-to-measure”, subtle and re-plumping shine that can be built up and intensified layer by layer; a little, a lot or all the way! Its secret: an ultra-shiny, non-sticky silicone-infused oil allowing for a glide-on texture that smoothes out any irregularities on application. Fixed to the pigmented layer by adhesive polymers, the shiny film remains at the surface, protects colour and perfects it with a mirror-finish effect as well as preventing feathering.

-     Lipcare: emollient and moisturising agents make up no less than a third of the formula. The on-lip result is 8hr moisture and lips are nourished as well as instantly comforted thanks to this exceptionally soft and generously rich formula. A declaration of love for lips!
A genuine innovation to leave lips flawlessly kissable: Lip Lover is equipped with an intelligent bi-phasic formula. Its emulsion separates on application so the pigmented phase can fuse with lips while the glossy film rises to the surface to sublimely coat lip.

Lip Lover is equipped with an innovative applicator that makes all the difference: thanks to its elongated arrow shape, curved profile and supple material, it precisely hugs lips’ shape to better envelop them in flawless colour and even shine. 
All it takes is a stroke from one corner to the other and back to apply just the right amount of product. The arrow tip can then be used to perfect the corners and define the contours.
Lips’ new best friend, Lip Lover leaves lips utterly kissable. For even more boosted volume, dab a lighter shade over the centre of the lips using the applicator. So simple!
Happy girls -  Jennifer & I

I love how comfortable that Lip Lover is on my lips. The colors are really intense and radiant.
Happy to get some touch up & beauty tips from the famous Lancôme Malaysia's National Makeup Artist, Zamri Zainol. He is really talented and friendly!
Zamri has picked the shade 337 Lip Lover for me.
Love my beautiful rosy lips!

With all of her unique charm and freshness, actress Lily Collins(Lancôme’s new ambassadress) is head over heels for Lip Lover, captured through the lens of Sølve Sundsbø.
Lancôme Lip Lover comes in 0.14 oz, with retail price of RM75. It is available at all Lancôme boutiques & counters.

For more information about Lancôme, visit

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