Review: Lycoz Moisture Cleansing Serum

Do you know what is a cleansing serum? It's something new to me, and my first experience for a cleansing serum is with Lycoz Moisture Cleansing Serum.
Lycoz Moisture Cleansing Serum gently removes make-up and excessive sebum from the surface of skin without drying or irritating the skin, leaving skin feeling softer, smoother & hydrated.
How to use Lycoz Moisture Cleansing Serum?

Apply a small amount of Lycoz Moisture Cleansing Serum on wet face. Massage gently for 1-2 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

My face is clean and soft after cleansing with Lycoz Moisture Cleansing Serum. No wonder it is one of the best selling product at UGB Sunway Pyramid store.

200 ml RM89.90

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