Be Inspired By King's Ice Cream Inspirations, Having Ice Cream Will Never be The Same Again

King’s launched their ‘Ice Cream Inspirations’ campaign on 9 May 2014 in inspiring ice cream lovers to enjoy their ice cream a little differently and even more interestingly.
Several activities kicked off in conjunction with this campaign. Among them include the King’s 1.2L Ice Cream Inspirations Contest, exclusive King’s dessert making workshops and limited edition King’s inspirational dessert recipes that will whet your appetite!
In the King’s 1.2L Ice Cream Inspirations Contest, participants stand a chance to win a one-year supply of King’s ice cream when their recipes get picked out as one of the inspirational entries. All participants need to do is visit King’s website via (Malaysia) and upload photos of their creations, then submit their creative recipes using King’s ice cream starting 1st March. Participants can submit as many recipes as they want before the 30th September 2014. All submissions will be judged by a panel of judges that are made up of Dato’ Chef Fazley and executives from F&N Creameries Sdn. Bhd. Winners will be notified via phone and e-mail.

Another activity to look forward to is the King’s dessert making workshops, which had held commencing May 2014 at selected locations nationwide. Dato’ Chef Fazley, who was recently appointed as King’s brand ambassador will be conducting the workshops as well as demonstrating interesting and easy ways of preparing desserts. More information on this workshop is available on King’s website.
King’s Ice Cream Inspirations is also reflected in its new packaging that features a bright orange tub topped with a contrasting cream coloured lid and colourful labels signifying fun and joy when consuming King’s 1.2L ice cream. King’s 1.2L is available at all leading hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide at RM7.20 per tub.

Two new variants are introduced in conjunction with this campaign; namely the King’s 1.2L Carnival, a Neapolitan variant that comes in thin stripes of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavours as well as the King’s 1.2L Tic-Tac-Toe, a checkerboard design with alternating chocolate and vanilla flavours. 
My family and I Love the new King’s Tic-Tac-Toe flavor. It's not too sweet, and it is really smooth and creamy!

With nine flavours to choose from, you are on an ice cream adventure in discovering new ways of enjoying King’s ice cream. Other existing flavours in the 1.2L tubs range include Chocolate, Vanilla, Choc o’ Chips, Chocolate Chip, Sweetcorn, Raspberry Ripple and Cookies n’ Cream.

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KKTG said...

Gosh, I think I missed this campaign! I am really curious to try out each tub... they all look delicious... :D

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