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"Brazil is gifted with an incredible life force. It has an energy that can be felt all the time, in nature, in the towns and cities, and in the artistic creativity of its people." said Olivier Baussan, the founder of L'Occitane.
During his journey through Brazil, Olivier Baussan filled page after page of souvenir notes: name of a painter, lists of ingredients, a sketch of a flower, a phrase... The L'OCCITANE au Bresil project began to take shape. Three words and the decision was made: 'Feito no Brasil' - which mean made in Brazil.
In these sun, fragrance and body care lines, each beauty product is associated with three Brazilian elements: biome (bio geographical region), ingredient and artist.
In Brazil, spolit for choice, such is the incredible diversity of the Brazilian ecosystems, L'OCCITANE has adopted two new ingredients:
JENIPAPO, a fruit tree from the Cerrado.
VITORIA REGIA, a giant water lily from Amazonia.
VITORIA REGIA is a line of fragrant products that evokes the two phases of a giant water lily, whose leaves measure almost three meters in diameter. Two new fragrances were inspired by the different facets of this flower:

The Vitoria Regia flower sleeps during the DAY, its petals folded over as if to protect itself from the rays of the sun. A fragrance that opens with a breeze of fresh air, mingling citrus notes of orange and lemon with a beautiful scent of green apple.
This range has Eau de Cologne 100ml, Day Flower Shower Gel 250ml, Day Flower Body Lotion 250ml, Day Flower Hand Cream 30ml, Day Flower Vegetal Mild Soap 75gr
During the NIGHT, the lily transforms. It blooms in the soft light of the moon and releases a sophisticated floral scent, dominated by green and powdery notes. The next day, it fades away, giving its place to a new one.

This range has Eau de Cologne 100ml, Night Flower flower Soap 100gr, Night Flower Vegetal Mil Soap 75gr


The Jenipapo range was born from the jenipapo fruit tree, which grows as tall and as quickly as possible, in order to rise above the canopy and soak up the energy of the sun.

JENIPAPO is a line of suncare and fragranced products for the face and body, inspired by the protective and moisturizing properties of the jenipapo fruit. Ultra-light, sensual suncare formulas to help prevent sunburn. Apply generously – and often!
The jenipapo releases a scent with green, floral, fruity notes. Citrus, water melon and pina colada are followed languidly by a few sprays of lily of the valley in the shade of frangipani trees. The final lingering scents blend musk, sandalwood and vanilla in a captivating, sensual, feminine fragrance.
This range has Protecting Body Oil SPF15 150ml, Protecting Body Jelly Milk SPF20 150ml, Lip Gloss SPF25 15ml, Face Protection Veil SPF30 25ml, Shower Oil 250ml, Body Lotion 250ml, Perfumed Oil Roll-On 10ml, Vegetal Soap 75g

For more information about L’OCCITANE, visit;
Website – http://www.loccitane.com.my/
Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/loccitane.my

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