h2o+™ Malaysia and Shark Savers Malaysia Build Marine Conservation Partnership

Leading global brand in the science of marine skincare h2o+™ join hands with Shark Saver Malaysia to host a marine conservation program aiming to create awareness to value shark populations in Malaysia at h2o+™ roadshow in 1 Utama Shopping Centre last month.

“The oceans are the most important ecosystem on the planet, we believe consistent education and conscious efforts are the keys in ensuring continuity in the preservation and protection of our ocean so as to save the shark population too. Our collaboration with Shark Savers Malaysia extends the footprint of our ocean conservation efforts, strengthening our position in the region as a leader in marine conservation and education as well as in fulfilling h2o+™ corporate vision and mission.” Says Mr. Wong Meng Choy, the CEO of the Luxor Beauty World Sdn Bhd and exclusive distributor of h2o+™ skincare products in Malaysia and Brunei. 

Shoppers are encouraged to take a pledge to be FINished with shark fin with Shark Savers. By Buying the “Save the Ocean, Save the Sharks” t-shirt at RM 25, Luxor Beauty World Sdn Bhd will be contributing RM5 to Shark Savers Malaysia.
In conjunction with H2OPLUS Malaysia and Shark Savers Malaysia Build Marine Conservation Partnership, Hong Kong TV travel host and actress, Priscilla Wong Tsui Yu and Malaysian actor and singer, Aric Ho who are the h2o+™ brand ambassadress and ambassador had a meet-and-greet sessions with Malaysia fans at the roadshow.

Priscilla Wong and Aric Ho embodies h2o+™ in a positive manner and they embody the brand both in and out of the work environment as they have an exciting, fun and friendly personality that people adores.

Shoppers who spent RM 200 and above in h2o+™ outlets had the chance to join the event. Priscilla Wong and Aric Ho shared their experience with the brand as well as some beauty tips during the event.
Thanks to the Lilac Box team we had the chance to join the meaningful event too.

For more information, please visit http://www.h2oplus.com.my/ or h2o+™ Malaysia Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/H2O-PLUS-MALAYSIA/189939990768

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