Loceryl® – Kills Fungus for Visibly Healthy Nails

For many years, Loceryl® from France is a known and trusted prescriptive treatment in combating (Onychomycosis) fungal nail infection. Today, due to lifestyle changes, fungal nail infections have become more prevalent.
Loceryl Nail Lacquer Product

The rise in nail fungal infections plus the uphill battle against social stigma and common misconceptions have lead Galderma, the manufacturer of Loceryl® to reclassify the nail lacquer treatment to an over-the-counter product.
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What is Fungal Nail Infection?

Fungal nail infection (Onychomycosis) is a fungal infection of the fingernails or toenails which does not go away without treatment. The infected nail may appear yellow to brown, thick, brittle and/or separated from the nail bed. The fungus can infect the nail because of injury to the nail, tight footwear, or due to a pre-existing medical condition. Therefore, sufferers of fungal nail infections should not beat themselves up over it, as is contrary to common belief, the condition is not due to lack of hygiene. However, the infection is not something to be viewed lightly, as it can spread easily from nail to nail and may cause permanent damage to the nail.

Besides the physical hazards, patients of fungal nail infections also suffer psychologically and emotionally. They find themselves avoiding social situations, lacking confidence and having trouble establishing close relationships. Due to public stigma and misconceptions, patients also often give off bad first impressions and are perceived to be contagious and less hygienic, especially in public places.
Celebrity Emcee Cay Kujipers with Loceryl Products

What is Loceryl®?

Loceryl® nail lacquer is one of the topical treatments for fungal nail infection. It releases the active ingredient Amorolfine 5% to kill infections caused by the three types of fungi which are dermatophytes (most common), yeasts and moulds and the antifungal effect is sustained for a minimum of 7 days within the nail. Loceryl® nail lacquer is easy and convenient to use with once weekly application. Fungal nail infections on the fingernail normally takes 6 months to treat whereas fungal nail infections on the toenail takes 9-12 months to heal as patients need to wait for the nails to grow out.
Left to Right - Celebrity Emcee Cay Kujipers, Dr Noorzalmy Azizan, Consultant Dermatologist, Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Mr. Teh Chean Boon, Sales & Marketing Manager of Galderma Malaysia, Loceryl Blue Fighter and Mr. Jean-Sebastien Ricard, General Manager of South East Asia of Galderma

“We, at Galderma, understand that fungal nail infections are a tough topic to breach, especially when it comes with undesirable public misconceptions and social stigmas. Which is why, due to its safety of use and minimal side effects, Loceryl® can be easily obtained over-the-counter from today onwards”, said Jean-Sebastien Ricard, the General Manager of South East Asia of Galderma at the Loceryl media launch.
Mr. Teh Chean Boon, Sales & Marketing Manager of Galderma Malaysia giving a talk on the brand Loceryl

“With this launch, Loceryl® can be easily accessible in major pharmacies nationwide. We hope that more people will get themselves treated promptly, to avoid prolonged infection, further complications and more importantly, put a halt to person-to-person transmission via nail polishers and other personal hygiene products.”

Loceryl® is now available at all major pharmacies in Malaysia at RM 99.80 each.

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