Review: Marine Elements™ Body Wash & Body Lotion

I was introduced to a brand that is natural and drug-free recently - Marine Elements™. Their body care products is suitable for people of all ages, including babies, with sensitive skin, to improve dry and itchy skin conditions, such as eczema and dermatitis, by new exfoliation and skin regeneration technology.
It helps relieve itching; reduce redness and supports the regeneration of fresh cells.
Marine Elements™ uses patented technology in the form of Zonase X™, an active ingredient which contains natural proteins and enzymes derived from the pure and protected marine sources of Norway. These proteins and enzymes are scientifically proven to gently exfoliate the dead cells from the skin, allowing natural regeneration of the skin and also relieving inflammation.

Zonase X™ has been extensively researched and developed in cooperation with Norwegian Universities. It is the latest innovation combining marine technology and skincare science. It works in 3 ways to improve the appearance of the skin:
1.    It breaks down the connections between the dead skin cells on the outer layer of the skin. The dead cells then are naturally detached.
2.    It allows other active ingredients to transport moisture and nutrition to the deeper layers of the skin creating a moisturizing effect.
3.    It elevates healthy cells to the surface of the skin thus creating a rejuvenating effect and strengthens the natural protective barrier on the skin.

The products have been specially formulated to moisturize, calm and smooth the skin, whilst leaving a protective barrier against the elements. They are all hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. 

Moreover, Marine Elements™ body care products is Soap-Free; pH balanced for the Skin; 
  • Extra mild and moisturising; Hypoallergenic; SLS-Free; Paraben-Free and Dermatologically Tested.

Since it sounds pretty promising, I have given it a try on my younger daughter. She was having bad eczema since early this year. :(

The first product that I tried was the Marine Elements™ Body WashBathing and showering is a very important first step of caring for our skin because water acts as an agent to hydrate the top layer of the skin; soften skin so the medications and moisturizers can be easily absorbed; remove allergens and irritants; clean and remove crusted tissue. 

Marine Elements™ Body Wash is extra mild and with soap-free formula. It has a pH level that is close to human skin to maintain our skin's natural barrier against daily harsh elements. It promotes regeneration of healthy skin cells, leaving it smooth and moisturized.
Marine Elements™ Body Wash texture is concentrate, I need just a little bit to bath my girl. 
Her skin is smooth and fresh after washing.

Marine Elements™ Body Wash 500ml is selling at RM 65.
I also tried the Marine Elements™ Body Lotion because right after bathing, it is important to apply moisturizers to improve skin hydration; strengthen skin barrier function; and seal in water after bath or shower.which adds a protective barrier on our skin, whilst anti-oxidants prevent skin damage from free radicals. 

Marine Elements™ Body Lotion is formulated to improve the appearance of dry skin, and helps our skin look younger and firmer with regular use.
Marine Elements™ Body Lotion formula is quite concentrate. I like it's mild scent and I like how my baby skin felt after application. Her skin is really soft and smooth. It keeps her skin moisture for a long time and prevent her from itchiness.
Good skin, Happy baby! JX enjoys apply the Marine Elements™ Body Lotion very much!

However her eczema is quite serious hence I still need to apply the prescriptive cream which was recommended by her doctor on her ears, poor baby.
Marine Elements™ Body Lotion 200ml is selling at RM 67.50

As a conclusion, Marine Elements™ body products is good and the price is reasonable, yet it is made in the European Union. Marine Elements™ body products does the job to nourish dry and problematic skin.

If you are interested to buy, head over to to purchase online.

For more information about Marine Elements™ , go to

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