The First Series of Health & Wellness Discovery Journey event @ Vitacare Pharmacy

We were honored to be invited to the first series of health and wellness discovery journey event at Vitacare, The Gardens Mall last month. It was an exciting event for us to discover more on health, and how to read our blood through Live Blood Analysis.
Founded 30 years ago, Vitacare is Malaysia’s longest-serving independent pharmacy and well-being specialists. What made Vitacare Pharmacy different from other pharmacy is, there's always a pharmacist at Vitacare to assist their customers. They have 13 stores across Klang Valley that provide top quality health and wellness products.
During the event, we were shared on why we should intake Astaxanthin in our diet. As a powerful natural antioxidant, Astaxanthin keeps our brains healthy and prevent age-related dementia. It also brings us benefits for eye and skin plus boosts up immunity.
Then, it comes to the most interesting part. Vitacare had conducted the Live Blood Analysis (LBA) for all of us. Using high-resolution dark field microscopy, we could observe live blood cells from LBA. It is our first time seeing our blood cells under the microscopy. It is so informative to know about the state of the immune system, possible vitamin deficiencies, amount of toxicity, pH and mineral imbalance, areas of concern and weaknesses, fungus and yeast.

Most of us had an unhealthy blood cells from the analysis. Hence we were given a cup of RIN enzyme to drink. 30 minutes later, we did the LBA again and majority of us has significant improvement on our blood cells. They became round and in healthy shape. We were all amazed with the results. Especially for my case, as a carrier of Thalasemia, I must really take care of my health to get good blood cell.
I started to consume 20ml of Rin Enzyme every morning since then. RIN Enzyme is a premium phyto-enzyme drink made in Japan. It is fortified with more than 36 kinds of vegetables, fruits, grains, algae and green grass that helps enhance digestion and nutrient absorption, promote metabolism, increase body immunity, reduce blood acidity, normalize hormones, improve skin complexion, assist weight loss and promote general well-being. Not only it brings many health benefits, it taste really good and refreshing too. Nice way to kick start my day, everyday with RIN Enzyme.

If you would also like to do the Live Blood Analysis (LBA), head to Vitacare The Gardens Mall and Suria KLCC on every 1st Saturday of the month starting August. The 1st LBA is fall on 5thAugust 2017 from 10am – 6pm. So, mark your calendar to get this eye opening analysis at Vitacare Pharmacy.

The Live Blood Analysis Fees at Vitacare Pharmacy:

  1. VCard Member during VCare Day : FREE
  2. VCard Member normal days : RM10
  3. Non VCard Members : RM30
The event ended with healthy refreshment with Energy Jar from The Good Co., yummy crackers by DARE, and apple cider vinegar from bragg organic. They taste so good and most importantly, they are good source for healthy body.
We all went back with a huge goodie bag. Thanks Vitacare Pharmacy for your generosity and an informative day to us.
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