New Food Menu & Promotions @ Zion Club KL

Attention all party goers, Zion Club KL has launched their new food menu together with great promotions for all of us. Located at Changkat Bukit Bintang, Zion Club KL is built to be the heartbeat of the city center's nightlife experience.
From Asian to Western cuisine, Zion Club KL will be serving a full-pledge menu consist of delicious food like Emperor's noodles, magic mushroom pizza, and curry seafood aglio olio. There are also plenty of snacks available, one of it would be their signature laksa fried chicken wings, a deep fried chicken wings marinated with their house famous laksa paste.
Guess what, the food is nice and come with affordable price, from RM 15 to RM 38 per dish only.
We could also enjoy Happy Hour Promotions at Zion Club KL. From Tiger Lager to Hoegaarden, the prices for their Happy Hour Promotions for drink ranges from RM 10 to RM 16 only. The recommended Happy Hour Promotions food are the fried baby shrimps and grilled spicy lemongrass chop.

Party-goers would also be delighted to know that Zion Club KL is currently having a “Buy One Free One” promotion for their cocktail of the month. For the month of August, the cocktail of the month is priced at RM 30 per glass.
For more information, like their facebook page at

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