[Review] Viege Vegatable Supplement for Scalp and Hair @ S Clas Saloon

Knowing the benefits of being a vegan, many people are jumping into vegan diet bandvagon. What about vegan treatment for your scalp and hair?
Yes, the vegan treatment works wonderful and nourished my scalp and hair naturally. Let me share with you what have I discovered at S Clas Saloon lately - Viege Vegatable Supplement for Scalp and Hair. Viege is a brand new scalp and hair treatment products launched by Lebel. If you do not know yet, Lebel is a Japan brand and is distributed by NEKDERX Sdn. Bhd. here in Malaysia. 

Viege focuses on the abundant nutrition derived from vegetable resulting in supplements that are unique to each plants functional components. Vegetables are brightly coloured, vibrant and loaded with extraordinary benefits, garnering attetion from the anti aging and wellness perspective. The concept of supplements is incorporated into Viege haircare via nutrient-dense vegetable allowing Viege to offer a natural revitalizing anti-aging care for the scalp as well as hair.
Since S Clas Saloon carrying Viege products hence I had visited it to try out the treatment. Located just besides Sunway Giza, S Clas Saloon is surrounded by plenty of car parks at Sunway Giza Mall and the multi-level car park. The shop lot is facing the main road, it is bright and spacious. Most importantly the experienced stylists are there to pamper and style our hair.
Before they started the Viege Vegatable Supplement for Scalp and Hair, they did an analysis for my scalp. Just like my face, my scalp is oily and blockage according to the result, the boss Kash Wan told me.

So, the stylist, Kit Ng has chosen the Viege Balance Suppli range for my oily and sticky scalp.
The treatment started with a wash using Viege shampoo to cleanses my scalp and hair. Viege shampoo smells really refreshing with its ingredients including lemon extract (AHA), Carrots and pumpkin extracts and Eucalyptus. We like its cooling sensation, and we can feel that our scalp is cleansed.
Kit Ng followed with applying Viege Balance Suppli evenly on my scalp. She has also massaged it so that it penetrates into my scalp. 
The next product that Kit applied on my scalp was the Base Suppli. Kit then massage once again and comb it through my hair for better absorption. Both Viege Balance Suppli and Base Suppli are professional products which are available in-salon only.
Once my scalp is treated with Viege Balance Suppli and Base Suppli, Kit washed off it and continue with applying Viege hair treatment onto my hair thoroughly before steaming my hair for awhile.

Once the steaming was done, Kit wash off my hair again and then spray on Medicate Essence on the root of my hair, followed with Root care mist. The last step of the treatment was to apply Oil on my hair, follow with blow dry and style as usual.
Tada, we love our clean and healthy scalp with soft, volumised, and nourished hair after the treatment, what about you?
Overall, we love the natural refreshing and fruity scents of Viege range of products. The best part is, my scalp is balanced with healthy hair after the an hour plus treatment. We strongly recommend this intensive in-salon treatment for a healthy scalp, and for our hair restores natural, fluffy texture with supple, manageable hair ends.
L: Kash Wan
R: Kit Ng

For more information on Viege, like Lebel facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/lebelmy/

Also, do like S Clas Saloon Facebook page too at https://www.facebook.com/sclassaloon/


Unknown said...

I'm currently using Lebel Viege home care range. I notice my hair fall has increased. Do you experience the same or do you know why?

Unknown said...

This is normal at beginning when use any hair activating products. They r mostly dormant hair being replaced by new growth as part of normal life cycle now that the condition is conducive for healthy hair to grow.

Anonymous said...

I realise when I use the hair tonic after towel dry my hair it seems to drop alot of hair even though I massage lightly, can I use the hair tonic after blowdry hair as it wont drop as much compared to towel dry hair.

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