Schelly Washing Machine Cleaner

I have came across the Washing Machine Cleaner during a visit to a home appliances shop. It has captured my attention as I never know that we should clean our washing machine regularly. Especially for a big family like us because dirty build-ups in washing machines can cause rashes, especially for babies. 
Even if you think that your washing machine is clean, it's not. With all the debri from clothes, leftover stains from softeners and washing liquid, the cleanliness of a washing machine is definitely at stake.

Coincidentally my friend is selling the Schelly Washing Machine Cleaner that is made in Taiwan at very affordable price. I decided to give it a try.
A box of Schelly Washing Machine Cleaner contains 3 packets of 300g detergent, and 3 sachets of AG+ anti-bacterial wash. I just put in 1 pack each into my washing machine, and set it to washing mode. Once the water is in, I switched off the washing machine to let it soak with the water for 2 hours. Lastly, run a normal clean cycle again.
It's that simple! I was shocked to see the dirty water, and I believe that my washing machine is cleaned with the removal of unwanted build-ups, bacteria and dirt from the back of the washing machine with this cleaning detergent.
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Mermaid said...

Omg I never wash my washine mashine properly. This product is quite useful. I would love to try out soon.

myfarrahdise said...

I didn't know that there's a washing machine cleaner. This is heaven sent, we shall try this at home. Thanks for sharing.

Henry Lee said...

Oh so easy and so clean liaw... i think I'm gonna wash mine too! :D

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