[Review] THE FACE SHOP's Yehwadam Skincare Line

Living in a warm and humid country like Malaysia, we easily get uneven and dark skintone, do you agree? It becomes worse on me after reaching 30 year old with the aging process. I am constantly looking for brightening skincare that works on me without irritate and drying my skin.
As one of the most reliable Korean skincare brand, THE FACE SHOP Malaysia has launched their new Yehwadam Skincare Line that targets in brightening while also anti aging. A little fun fact here if you wonder what does the name Yehwadam means. The name Yehwadam actually means YE (蘂) for herbs & plants, HWA (花) for flower, and DAM (譚) for story. It is Traditional herb line that contains Korean traditional herbs and flower extracts, inspired by the stories of beautiful Korean women and their beauty secrets passed down through the generations. The ingredients are so luxury and I thought why not give it a try.

The Face Shop Malaysia's Yehwadam Skincare Line comes in a luxury packaging, each products are packed in paper box. The products are packed in sturdy bottles and jar, with lid that is engraved with exclusive patterns plus a crystal at the center, just so beautiful! We all fallen in love with it at the first sight for the special packaging.

Back to the products, Yehwadam Skincare Line consists of a complete skincare essential, from toner, serum, emulsion to cream. It is easy to use, first, clean your face with cleanser and apply the Yehwadam Pure Brightening toner, and follow by applying Yehwadam Pure Brightening serum, Yehwadam Pure Brightening emulsion and Yehwadam Pure Brightening cream every day and night.

Yehwadam Pure Brightening toner (155ml) RM 158.90

Apply adequate amount on face and pat lightly for absorption. This toner is light weight and easily absorbed into my skin. My skin feel fresh and soft, and is ready for the next products.

Yehwadam Pure Brightening serum (45ml) RM 254.90

Press the pump to get the adequate amount of Yehwadam Pure Brightening serum and apply to face and neck. This serum has an opaque lotion-like texture which is fast to penetrate into my skin. Skin is moisturised and more radiant after apply the serum. We are stronly encourage everyone to try out this amazing serum for overnight glow.

Yehwadam Pure Brightening emulsion (140ml) RM 158.90

Smooth over Yehwadam Pure Brightening emulsion onto face and neck after the serum. The emulsion has a white and light texture, it absorbed into my skin completely after a few seconds.

Yehwadam Pure Brightening cream (50ml) RM 254.90

Scoop out the adequate amount of Yehwadam Pure Brightening cream with the spatula provided and massage it evenly on face and neck. To improve absorption, pat lightly with your palm after this. The white, rich and smooth cream soften the skin and boosts skin's radiance.

After using THE FACE SHOP Malaysia's Yehwadam Skincare Line for a week, my skin is brighter and less discoloration now. In a long run, it will eventually improve my dull skin tone, reduce my dark spots and pigmentation.

What I like the most about Yehwadam Skincare Line is, unlike other brightening products that breakout my skin, it has a very nourishing and light formula hence I did not suffer any breakouts when I switch to this skincare range. In fact, Yehwadam Skincare Line is formulated with ‘Chil-baek-seol-yun-dan Complex’, a brightening formula that contain 7 brightening and pristine traditional herbs harvested in Korean soil that are processed using ‘baek-ja’ method where natural ingredients are heated for a long period of time in order to maximize the efficacy and to eliminate any toxins in the extraction process. We are impressed with this unique formula that combat dark spot without drying our skin.

With the 7 brightening and pristine traditional herbs, the Yehwadam Skincare Line smells aromatic and natural. It relaxes my mind whenever I use it. I strongly recommend The Face Shop Malaysia's Yehwadam Skincare Line for people who want to achieve flawless, fair and smooth skin. Let's achieve natural glow from within together with Yehwadam Skincare Line.

Yehwadam Pure Brightening line is available at THE FACE SHOP outlets & e-store at https://goo.gl/Fo17b2

More information, follow THE FACE SHOP Malaysia's Facebook page at www.facebook.com/thefaceshopmalaysia or instagram www.instagram.com/thefaceshopmalaysia


Rawlins GLAM said...

I love the traditional look of the packaging - interesting. And the price is quite reasonable too.

Amelie Yap said...

I have heard so many good reviews from this range of products. Will definitely check them out

Mermaid said...

Waaaa I love the face shop product. I would like to try this range next time after finish my current skincare.

Blair Villanueva said...

Looks so luxurious! Am eyeing for this collection for a while, but I need to finished fish my other stocks :) Thanks for your review!

Unknown said...

Lovely korean brand~~ ^_^ nice to use? wish to get one to try out too.

If you dont mind gimme some comment on my blog too?

Stepheny Siew

Sharon Lee said...

I really love this series of products! Looks so luxurious and rich on skin.

Alvin L said...

Great review! Definitely a lot of skin products are needed in a humid country like Malaysia. I like the packaging as well. :)

Betty's Journey said...

I love their packaging and the price is reasonable for exclusive brand.

Unknown said...

Nice review, seems like a good looking product

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