Sport-proof Make-up - PUPA Sport Addicted

Great news for all active people like us, the best selling make-up in Italian perfumeries - PUPA has launched the sport-proof make-up - PUPA Sport Addicted that is specially formulates for use during sport activities. As a beauty junkie, I would not forgo make-up in the name of wellness. Hence, the range is here to save me! Its' sweat-proof, waterproof and totally sport-proof formula allows us to look great even when working out!
Designed for comfortable and long-lasting effect, the PUPA Sport Addicted has a range of products below;

Sport Addicted Powder (RM 115)

For a nutural and delicate coverage for a homogeneous and smooth finish that last for whole day.

Comes in 3 shades namely 001 Rose Beige, 002 Natural beige and 003 Warm Beige.

Sport Addicted Concealer (RM 85)
A lightweight concealer with melting texture that adheres perfectly to the skin. Sport Addicted Concealer instantly corrects every type of imperfection to create that flawless skin.

Comes in 3 shades namely 001 Light Beige, 002 Natural beige and 003 Intense Beige.

Sport Addicted Fixer (RM 99)
An innovative water-based mist that make our face makeup resistant to sweat and heat. Furthermore, it's so lightweight and fresh, which leaves an imperceptible film that fixes our face make up in just a single step.

Sport Addicted Mascara (RM 89)

Smudge eyes no more with Sport Addicted Mascara. It has a soft texture and very lightweight, flexible film that is also resistant to sweat and water, aking it perfect for all sports, even the most intense ones like HIIT.

The formula has two fibres mix with different rigidity, gives us an intense and generous volume and perfectly seperated lashes with just 2 coats.

Sport Addicted Liner (RM 69)

Eye liner pencil with a soft and highly pigmented texture that ensures instant, full colour release.

Comes in 4 colours namely 001 Powerful Black, 002 Dynamic Brown, 003 Energy Blue and 004 Sporty Emerald.

Sport Addicted Balm (RM 59)

A lip balm with soft, comfortable texture. It is easy to apply and extremely pleasant on lips. Lips feel smoother, softer and protected with SPF 15.

Comes with 3 colours, from transparent to gently tinted. Gives us a flawless lips even during sports.
Colour available: 001 Pure Vanilla, 002 Nude Rose and 003 Burgundy.

PUPA Sport Addicted range is now available exclusively at all SaSa stores nationwide.

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Lin Liena said...

wow...produk baru ke ni???first time tengok...macam best,packaging pun cantik

Emi said...

omg pupa have new products that is for active person? wow that's cool. i have been using their water based foundation, now third bottle. Their products is seriously awesome.

Rawlins GLAM said...

Our running, gym and exercise crazy friends NEED to have it so that they can look good while doing their thing.

cre8tone said...

First time heard about this brand and first time get to know about their products.. looks good..

M. Yusuf T. said...

nice one, i think ill recommend my friend to use it. tx for share

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