Interview with a Dancer - Jackson Boogie J

We have been to a few dance competitions recently, and we felt interested in dance competitions especially street dance, on the energy, the fire, the power, and the good attitude. In fact, it is indeed a good platform for youth to showcase their talents via dance. This is what we need for the community - positive attitude and upbringing. Hence, we decided to interview one of the dancer who is also a dance competition organiser, Jackson Boogie J at his studio - Freakz Dance that is located in Klang last week.

Having been in the dance industry for 10 years now, let's see how Jackson answers our questions below;

What are the competitions that you have organised or co-organised before?

Jackson Boogie J: I have organised 'The Moment' competition before. The Moment dance competition has attracted participants around the World to join it in Malaysia. In fact, I have organised dance competition every year.

You are a dancer. Many people just dance to have fun or to win. Why did you get involved in the dance competitions?

Jackson Boogie J: This is because I want to build the dance community and let it stay alive. The dance community and the people need us for improvement.

What is that one thing you see when you organise a dance competition? or feel?

Jackson Boogie J: I can know a person's character from his dancing.
People say dancers are usually university or school drop outs. What do you think about this?

Jackson Boogie J: Do you know Bill Gates and Jack Ma are also drop outs? So, drop outs could happen for many reasons, not only on dancing. In facts, I have student that is grauated from Master degree.

Some say Dancers can't sustain or survive by dancing. Do you earn a lot of money? If not, why are you still doing this?

Jackson Boogie J: It is hard in Malaysia especially for Chinese. We need to fight for ourselves to be successful. For me, I will never give up dancing. I travel to overseas to conduct dance workshops frequently, and I earn a sustainable income from that. Especially in Japan where Japanese appreciate dancing as an art, and they are willing to pay for that.
Many people stop dancing as they grow older. As dancers "don't go far in life”, hence is dancing just a phase, not a career? Or is dancing only for the young?

Jackson Boogie J: No way, I want to dance until I get older. My US teacher is over 50 year-old and he is still dancing. I don't see a problem to dance even when we grow older. Dancing is my passion to keep me going.

Some parents say that dancers only live in their own world. They don't see the bigger picture in life. What do you think about such stereotypes?

Jackson Boogie J: Dance is just an exercise, it is better than playing games. Dancers enjoy life, have fun and is good people.

What do you think makes a street dance crew? Most crew are formed a little while, win a competition, and then they disband. What is the ultimate reason(s) for such problems. Is it money? Fame? Passion? involved? Which are more important?

Jackson Boogie J: The problem of dance crew is because a person's mind is all about money and fame. My dance crew has been staying with me for a long time because of passion. I wouldn't force my dance crew because we should follow the heart and dance. For now I'd be more focus on solo because I don't want to waste time.

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