PETPET® Easy Tape and Magic Gel Redesigned with Extra Comfort

PETPET® a well-known diaper brand for its complete and premium features such as Easy Tape and Magic Gel is relaunched with more functions and features in caring for babies’ sensitive skin. 

PETPET®, designed with a philosophy in mind, “A happy baby equals a happy mummy”, and based on its concept, Happy Comfort strives to design the best diapers that will give babies maximum comfort, which will result in mothers having pleasant motherhood experience. The new PETPET tape diaper apart from being skin-friendly also has a host of other features which was carefully thought through for the comfort of babies and the convenience of mothers.
Key product upgrades include Fast Dri-Comfort – with a Quick Lock system that instantly locks-in liquid to prevent backflow and leakages. These new features also promote dry surface on the skin to prevent skin irritation and discomfort. Another improved feature is the softer edge tape that provides better comfort and prevents skin irritation when the baby is actively moving. New improved PETPET diaper is also proven to have fast absorbency amongst the leading diaper brands in Malaysia.

PETPET® tape diaper is designed to provide a comfortable wear for baby’s delicate skin and this is our assurance to mums,” said Low Chooi Hoon, General Manager of Disposable Soft Goods Sdn Bhd. With PETPET Happy Comfort range, moms will be delighted with the ulterior comfort of the diapers which will keep babies happy and comfortable.
Other upgraded features are:
·         Extra Soft Diaper Sheet
This feature is added to especially cater to the newborn baby’s delicate skin for an extra gentle touch and navel comfort for newborns. Navel care which is included in this feature helps to protect newborn baby’s sensitive and unhealed navel.
·         Snug-fit Feature     
Babies will experience extreme comfort with a contoured fit diaper around its waist and the diapers also fit snuggly to prevent leakages without restricting the baby’s movement.
·         Contemporary 3-Colour Design Diapers
Colours affects the mood of babies and mothers. A colourful vibrant design helps in creating the happy mood.