Ramadan Buffet Series - Tantalizing tastes of Thailand Dinner Buffet at Chakri Palace

Hello lovelies, today I’m going to share my another Ramadan Buffet series, which is the tantalizing tastes of Thailand Dinner Buffet at Chakri Palace. Chakri Palace is the authentic Thai cuisine restaurant located at Suria KLCC, Pavillion KL and Alamanda Shopping Center Putrajaya which has opened its doors for years. As a Thai food lover, we have been looking forward to visit it and we had finally paid a visit early this June.
We were invited to try out their Thailand Dinner Buffet which will be available this Ramadan. There are more than 50 authentic Thai and local favourites prepared by Chef Sollahudin Nutto at Tantalizing tastes of Thailand Dinner Buffet at Chakri Palace. From the tantalizing appetizer to mouthwatering main courses, the buffet will definitely satisfy your hunger and treat your taste bud!
The Ramadan buffet also featuring specialty live action Thai hawker stalls that serve Ikan Bakar, Satay, Tom Yam and Ais Kacang.
Signature Kadok Leaves Roll (Mieang Kam)
Our favorite dishes from the Buffet would be the juicy green curry lamb, Signature Kadok Leaves Roll (Mieang Kam), Tom yam noodle, yummilicious mango sticky rice, and the Chakri Red Ruby Water Chestnut.
mango sticky rice
Chakri Red Ruby Water Chestnut
There are a lot more selections from the buffet, and I heard that their buffet menu changes often for more variety to the eaters.
We like their warm services, and the Chef himself came out to talk to us about the quality and taste of food, and attempted to find out areas of improvement during the dining.
We had enjoyed a wonderful evening at Chakri Palace KLCC with wonderful buffet under its cozy and comfortable environment. Thank you for having us, Chakri Palace. We would definitely visit you again soon.
Tantalizing tastes of Thailand Dinner Buffet at Chakri Palace is available from 20th June 2015 onwards. It was definitely a steal to pay one price and enjoy all their signature dishes at the buffet. 
The price (subject to 6% GST) would be as follow (Refer to the image below).
For reservation, please call;
Chakri Palace Suria KLCC 03-22827788/0887
Chakri Palace Pavillion KL 03-21431141
Chakri Palace Alamanda 03-88901616

Chakri Palace Website - www.chakri.com.my
FB/Instagram/Twitter - @ChakriMY

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