Save Money with CARDPOW This School Holiday

The Mid Term School holidays have started, I’m sure we all have prepared plenty of events and activities for our children. But, with the arising cost of living, sometimes we have to sacrifice a few activities even though our children love it very much. What if I tell you not limited by financial anymore? Yes, we can save a lot of money with CARDPOW app.
Recently I came across CARDPOW! which is a website that lets you find explosive discounts for your credit cards.
Pretty sure that just like most Malaysians, we all carry on average 2 credit cards and above right? However, most credit cards users don’t even know what the discounts available are, as banks have stop printing the discount books and do not update their website regularly. And hence most of the time these discounts and promotions have not been fully utilised by us.
Now that CARDPOW! has compiled all the discounts for you to search and compare in one easy to use website. Now you can shop smart and save with CARDPOW!
It is easy to use; just search the location for the discounts available. For example, I typed Suria KLCC and selected the cards that I am using, CARDPOW! Will search and listed the available discounts for me instantly. Not only I can save money from shopping for apparels, I also get to enjoy discounts from Cars Auto detailing as well as TGV cinemas! I have never knew these promotions exists before using CARDPOW!
I have also searched the popular discounts and found out that we could enjoy discounts at Angry Birds Activity Park JB, Discoveria, Legoland Malaysia Resort, Berjaya Times Square Them Park, Genting Theme Park, and Xplorasi-Petrosains Gift Shop! These are all the attractive places for kids in this school holidays hence it is really useful for parents like me.
So head over to CARDPOW! now at to enjoy tremendous savings from our spenging.
*note - CARDPOW! is best viewed on your mobile phone.

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