Review: FINE Green Smoothie From HiSHOP

I always buy smoothie when I am running around because I found that smoothie not only filling but it is very good in detox as well. With the increasing hours of working in office, It is not easy for me to go out and get that cup of smoothie. Lucky me I found out something which is convenient and providing equally same benefit instant smoothie - FINE Green Smoothie.
Made in Osaka, Japan, FINE Green Smoothie taste very good, it tastes just like a fresh smoothie from the blender. It is easy to made, just add the product with water in a cup, stir well with a spoon. No blender or shaker required. For diet meal, add 2 spoons with 200ml of water and for nutritious drink, add 1 spoon with 100ml of water in a cup. It may be added into milk or soy milk too.
It provides 9500mg of dietary fiber and 219 kinds of food-enzyme per 20g (2 spoons) serving. Meanwhile it only contains 55kcal per 20g (2 spoons) serving.

FINE Green Smoothie 200g comes in a sealable pack for RM 118. It is available at hiSHOP at
Use my special code 'WAIYEECHIN' when you check out to enjoy 15% rebate! Happy Shopping.

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