MILO® Innovates and Fuels Malaysian Youth with NUTRI G™

Malaysians, today, witness the evolution of MILO® with a new invention, MILO® Nutri G™ that is specially formulated to unleash sustainable energy to fuel Malaysians to go further. Malaysia is the first country in the world to introduce MILO® Nutri G™.
MILO® Nutri G™ (Nutri stands for Nutritious and G stands for Grains) is the first product globally to have a unique mix of four (4) different whole grains – brown rice, wheat, oats, and barley while maintaining its recognizable delicious chocolate malt taste. The latest R&D ensures it meets the dietary requirements of young adults who are unable to eat at regular times and left often with little choice but to settle for convenience over nutritional value. 
Jasmmine Wong, Business Executive Manager of Nestlé Liquid Drinks: “MILO® Nutri G™ is not simply another repackaged MILO® drink. We believe that as the leading chocolate malt beverage in the world, we must first understand the societal shifts in what drives customers before we can deliver what they truly need. This is why we place high importance on this innovation.”
According to a 2014 survey carried out among the Malaysian workforce, 67% of Malaysians prefer to have a work-life balance to a higher salary and 37% across Asia Pacific will give up a pay raise to perform more social-relevant work. However, irregular work hours, longer transit duration, fragmented mealtimes are common scenarios that young Malaysians go through daily. The pressure to accomplish daily tasks and beat the clock tends to result in unwise food consumption decisions. Not only does nutrition takes a back seat, they may feel less energized physically and emotionally to pursue their passion outside their routines.
“We believe in nourishing ambitions. We want to fuel youth to push their boundaries and be reminded that the sky is beyond the limit to get more out of life. To nourish dreams, we must nourish the body first,” Jasmmine explains. “We should not compromise on nutrition and energy requirements just because we are on the go. All four wholesome grains, vitamins, minerals are extremely beneficial for healthy living and the grain combination acts as an excellent source of energy. We can get filled up, stay active and go further every day.”
The nation sees a high rate of inspiring young Malaysians who pursue their passion and dreams and balance their work life with vigor and enthusiasm, which is the reason Malaysia was chosen to be the first to introduce MILO® Nutri G™ to the world.

National swimmer Khoo Cai Lin, and winner of the Young Creative Entrepreneur Media Award, Fariz Hanapiah, business analyst, Shidah Mohd, and senior analyst, Fuad Alhabsi are some of the true testaments of individuals that embody the essence of MILO® Nutri G™. All of them pursue their passions beyond their 9-to-5 jobs. As part of the campaign, they will be sharing their champion stories and journeys of staying hungry to achieve bigger things in life.
“I follow a personal motto; possess the right values and attitude and we will see successful dreams. We are all champions within and it is important to have the mindset of never giving up and to stay true to your beliefs,” says Khoo Cai Lin.

“More youth are active in recreational or sports activities so it is important that they maintain a good energy level. Adequate nutrition raises productivity levels by 20 percent, so what young adults eat affects their daily performance,” says Cher Siew Wei, Nestle Wellness Manager. “The substantial goodness in MILO® Nutri G™ will keep hunger pangs at bay.”
“We are so very proud to introduce an innovation that elevates us towards a new chapter in MILO®‘s evolution history. Today sets a new benchmark for us and more importantly, we get to deliver a 100%-Malaysia-tailored MILO® Nutri G™, best served chilled – with the goodness of wholegrain energy, taste, nutrition, to a fulfilling beverage that is just right for our tropical weather,” concludes Jasmmine.

MILO® Nutri G™ comes in 190ml ready-to-drink convenient-sized bottle and is available in all 7-Eleven stores, petrol marts, supermarkets, and hypermarkets. 

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