Dr. Kong and MyORTHO Healthy and Happy Feet Carnival

When was the last time you check your foot? Yupe, you did not read wrong, I meant checking your foot or foot assessment! Foot assessment can helps people who are experiencing pain in their feet or lower limbs which no other medical cause has been established. It is the first step towards understanding, assessing the cause of foot medical conditions and treating it.
I recently had my first foot assessment at Dr. Kong’s Healthy and Happy Feet carnival. Healthy and Happy Feet carnival is a once a year carnival. It is held from 2nd to 7th June 2015 10am to 10pm at in front of Warehouse Store (New Wing) 1st floor high street 1 Utama Shopping Mall this year. 
Not only that we can get free foot check & consultation and free foot alignment adjustment at the carnival, we also get to enjoy season clearance on Dr Kong shoes as well as MyORTHO Orthotic insoles special promotions there.
Did you know that how we walk, the shoes we wear daily and our exercise habits can all play a part in maintaining our foot’s health. Hence it is important to choose a pair of shoes that is suitable to our foot.
From my foot check, I found that I actually having mild high arch foot. I am also having Hallux valgus, callus, heel valgus and knock knee conditions. If I don’t start to take care my foot, it would possibly cause severe arch pain and lower back pain in future. Hence I was suggested to get a pair of shoes with soft padding and hard heel counter. 

I gave Dr. Kong shoes a try that day and happily brought home a pair of them. Dr. Kong’s shoes are comfortable and support standing for long hours too. It is one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.
There are many more activities throughout the Healthy and Happy Feet carnival. Don’t miss out this chance and join them in the carnival.

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