Revolutionary Mosquito Repellent app Protects against Potentially Fatal Dengue Mosquito Bites

Mobile solutions developer, New Wave Communications Sdn. Bhd. today introduced Kil-Dengue, a revolutionary mobile application designed to repel disease-transmitting mosquitoes by generating frequency or sound waves that chases them away!
The app took 3 years to develop and has been tested against local mosquito strains to ensure its efficacy. Its frequency formulation is found to effectively repel more than 75% of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes – the main vector responsible for transmitting viruses that cause dengue; and this effectiveness has been tested by the Institute for Medical Research, Malaysia.
(From L-R) Dorothy Yap,  John Sung, and Dr HIdayatul Fathi Othman

Mr. John Sung, Chairman of New Wave Communications told the media at the app launch that the technology of using sound frequency to repel mosquitoes is not new. “Our original intent was to adapt the existing technology available in Korea for the Malaysian market. However, when we found that a different sound wave is required to repel mosquitoes in Malaysia, we decided to develop and test it at the Institute for Medical Research to ensure that the right frequency is used to effectively repel dengue transmitting mosquitoes,” he said.
Indeed, Malaysia has different strains of mosquitoes and dengue scenarios. In 2014, the country saw a dramatic increase in the number of reported dengue cases, and the trend continues in the first quarter of 2015 with 32,535 reported cases and 101 deaths, representing a 37% increase in number of cases and more than double the fatality rate in the same period in 2014. According to Malaysia’s Ministry of Health, a total of 108,698 dengue cases were reported in 2014, exceeding the 100,000 mark for the first time and representing a 151% increase from 2013. The outbreaks throughout the year were the worst in our national history, claiming a total of 215 lives.

With an increasing need to protect Malaysians against dengue, Kil-Dengue mobile app is specifically developed and tested to effectively repel the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which are the main vectors responsible for transmitting viruses that cause dengue. According to Dr. Hidayatul Fathi Othman, associate professor of parasitology & medical entomology at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia who explained in her presentation during the app launch, Aedes vector mosquitoes are often found in local mosquito population and among these, Aedes aegypti make up to about 90% of this dengue-transmitting breed in the house. 
Aedes aegypti mosquitoes transmit dengue virus as they bite, but only fertilised female mosquitoes do so to obtain protein from human blood to feed the eggs in her body. As these female mosquitoes are already fertilised, they try to avoid mating with male mosquitoes,” she explicated.

Adding to Dr. Hidayatul’s explanations, Ms Dorothy Yap, Head of Mobile Apps at New Wave Communications said: “In accordance to Aedes aegypti female mosquito’s behaviour, the application was developed to reproduce male mosquitoes flying frequencies to repel these female mosquitoes, and was tested to effectively repel more than 75% of this vector”.

“Our frequency has a very low or inaudible volume to human ears. But it has the right pitch that effective repels the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes,” she added.

“Besides its proven effectiveness, the advantages of using a mosquito repellent app is its mobility, reliability and ease of use. It is easily accessible online and once downloaded, you can activate the frequency whenever and wherever you need it, even in places that you do not receive telecommunications signals; and the results  are immediate!” said Yap.

Kil-Dengue mobile application supports both Android and IOS platforms. Just search for ‘Kil-Dengue’ in both App Store and Play Store. The app will appear as per normal. You just need to download it and start your subscription.

Steps to Download Kil-Dengue App
Go to Play Store / App Store
Please open your Google Play app on your device
Search Kil-Dengue
Use the search function and find 'Kil-Dengue'
Download and Install
Just click on the app and install and you are ready to go

Kil-Dengue is a one-time subscription based mobile application. It charges RM10.00 for subscription with Android mobile devices, and USD2.99 for IOS mobile devices. Payment will be deducted directly from your App Store or Play Store account. To subscribe, please ensure your Google or Apple account is tied to your credit or debit card.

The research of Kil-Dengue’s mosquito-repelling frequency formulation is ongoing to further improve its Aedes aegypti mosquito repelling ratio. Meanwhile, the frequency application is pending patent. Malaysia is the first country where it is introduced, followed by other Southeast Asian countries.

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