New Year . New Scent . Scent Maker

It’s the start of a brand New Year, have you made your New Year resolution? For me, I wish for a healthy, happy and eventful of 2017. Meanwhile, I am also start using the new perfume from Scent Maker.
The Scent Maker is a bew brand in Malaysia, hence let me share with you the story of the brand. Scent Maker is about the story of the perfumer. A travelling alchemist, a 3rd generation perfumer, crossing deserts, oceans and terrain. In search for definition of himself, each scent is a chapter, and each chapter a new journey. The perfumer picks up new smells and stores them in his mind. Each scent, has a smell and a memory that goes with it. He keeps scents he has smelled in volumes and volumes of books. Each scent a chapter, and each chapter a new journey, each drop of scent defines him, his creations with emotions and passion.
Over time, the perfumer translates his feelings into an olfactive language, mastering the art of conversation. Since he can chose how he wants people to react to him, he can therefore create the World around him.

The master craftsman of his World, he will be treated how he wants. People react based on the scents that he chooses and how he chooses them to experience them, while the memories and emotions that develop from experiences define him.

The final chapter of an obsessive story, an entrance to a new olfactive world. The birth of the Scent Maker, and scents of his success. Every Scent Maker fragrance represents a different journey, memory and story of the perfumer. 

Scent Maker believes that “Scent is a Memory”. Let me introduce you 2 of their perfume from their collections below;

Signature Blend Crazy Love
Perfumer’s note - “To this very special person, it was a beautiful moment filled with happiness. The journey we spent together could not be expressed through words. The creation of this juice reminds me of the happiness, they hugs and you.”

The Perfumer’s Emotion – Every moment was unforgettable, the moment we hugged, the moment we laughted, the moment we kissed. Your every move makes me smile, your every smile brightens my day, your every loving moments made who I am, it was love. It as fascinating to fall in love, especially loving you.

Scent delivery - the lovely moments.

Emotional delivery - sweet and blissful.

Scent Maker Crazy Love EDP

Top Notes: Cleverly used potion of rose and bergamot lime to deliver the floral sweetness and citrus freshness
Heart notes: to create a uniqle link to achieve a blissful base note, the perfumerr uses peppers and spicy cinnamon.
Base notes: To maintain the seductive and addivtive finish, the perfumer ends his creation by using musk.

Special limited edition blend – Laurel
Perfumer’s note – “The creation of this juice is a tribute to all of our parents and our guardians, as they take on the role to care in their phase withon the natural circle of lige. And when we lose them, we tend to forget that we too, are about to replace them, and to continue guarding our loved ones.”

Perfumer’s emotion - There well be an end to all things, as nothing is permanent, appreciation of what we already have, is more important than what we want. Life comes and life goes, days come and days go, as noghint is permanent, but hope is what strengthens me. The circle of life explaines it all, and when somethings ends, it is a beginning of another, as nothing is permanent. Strating new is the first step, stay hopeful, stay new. As nothing is permananent, hope is there for me.

Scent delivery – Hope

Emotional Delivery – Fresh and hopeful

Scent Maker Laurel EDP

Top notes – a combination of citrus fruits of top quality bergamot and lime
Heart notes – a precise measured driops of pure rise and jasmine
Base notes – to maintain an oriental touch, a clever use of sandalwood and musk to create an enticing scent seduction.

We love both the perfumes, and we are using them on different days depends on our feeling on that day. The black bottle printed with gold label and top with wood cap is classic and luxury. The best part is, the perfumes are unisex hence I can share it with my man too.

Scent Maker is exclusively distributed by Parkson Unlimited Beauty Group, and is available at Parkson Pavillion, Parkson KLCC, Parkson Maju Junction and Parkson IOI City Mall.

The price of the perfume is reasonable, where EDP 50ml is retails at RM 180, and EDP 100ml is priced at RM 290.

For more information on Scent Maker, go to


Rawlins GLAM said...

The bottle is so rich in style and very luxurious looking. The price is quite reasonable too - I should try the perfume out. Maybe it will become my next obsession.

Mariel C said...

The perfume looks so nice and I also like the packaging because it looks so classy.

- much love, Mariel

adrianathani said...

Oooo I'm curious about how Crazy Love would smell! I looooove cinammon but I've never had it in perfume form.


Emily said...

Ah, I am so curious how it actually smells like. I've not heard of the Scent Maker before.... will drop by those selected Parkson stores if I have the chance.

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