SHELL 125TH Anniversary Limited Edition Heritage Canisters Collection

I was born and raised in a Chinese ‘Kampung’ in Kepong. When I was young, I always followed my parents crossed to the opposite road to buy grocery and food. There was this SHELL Petrol kiosk right at the opposite road. As a small kid, I always curious about this big yellow logo and name, wondered what was it for and why the station was so big. One day, I decided to ask my mum what is that, and my mum told me it’s a Shell Petrol Kiosk, where we could fueled up our cars so that we could move longer.
Since then, whenever I think about fuel, I will think about Shell.

This year, SHELL Malaysia is celebrating 125th Anniversary in Malaysia. Happy wonderful 125th Anniversary and thanks for bringing us the trusted fuel all this while.
SHELL 125TH Anniversary Limited Edition Heritage Canisters Collection

In conjunction with its big milestone in Malaysia, Shell has launched a beautiful collection of limited edition Shell Heritage Canisters collection. This special collection illustrates the various designs of Shell stations and pumps – from the 1920s until the 1980s.

SHELL 125TH Anniversary Limited Edition Heritage Canisters Collection

Available Period: From 18 September to 31 October 2016
Available: SHELL Stations Nationwide

How to start collecting?
·         PUMP at least RM40 of Shell fuels to get the Big Shell Heritage Canisters for only RM12.90*
·         PURCHASE any SELECT Promo OR at least RM6 of Shell SELECT items to get the Mini Shell Heritage Canisters for only RM7.90*
·         PURCHASE Shell Helix Ultra/HX7 4L to get the Shell Helix Car Care Kits for FREE or only RM12.90* with purchase of Shell Helix HX5 3L or 4L
I have collected the whole collection, and I just love how cute they are. It brought back the history of Shell through these limited edition collectibles. The canisters are available in two sizes – mini and big. I used them to store different items, as you can see from the video here.





Customers who spend a minimum of RM40 on any Shell fuel are entitled to purchase the big canisters at RM 12.90 each, which come with complimentary fridge magnets, while those who purchase Shell Select items worth at least RM6 or any Shell Select promotion, are entitled to purchase the mini canisters at RM 7.90 each. A new design is released each week, and will be available at Shell stations nationwide while stocks last.
Limited Edition Shell Tanker

In addition to the canisters, a Limited Edition Shell Tanker and Helix Car Care Kit with designs depicting vintage Shell motor oil canisters are also up for grabs. For a minimum of RM40 on any Shell fuel from 16 to 22 October, customers are entitled to purchase the Limited Edition Shell Tanker at RM 12.90 each, while a purchase of Shell Helix HX5 3L/4L entitles customers to purchase the Helix Car Care Kits at RM12.90 each. With the purchase of the premium Shell Helix Ultra or HX7 (4L), customers will be entitled to get a complimentary Helix Car Care Kit, while stocks last.
To find out more about the limited edition Shell Heritage Canisters, please visit

To read more about Shell’s 125th anniversary in Malaysia, visit



Emily said...

Such cute canisters and I am a sucker for collectibles! I just wish they would allow us to redeem them with Bonuslink points.

Shiv B said...

Awh those little containers are adorable Rane. No wonder the other day I was going by Shell, I saw a few people carrying these. Will certainly check out the redemption.

Absolute Yana said...

I want those canisters... T.T I love collecting random things..hahahha

Fadzi Razak said...

I bet hard core collectors would find this very interesting. But i am not one of them. however the container looks awesome

5 Little Angels said...

Limited Edition Heritage Canisters Collection looks great. Can put so many things separately. Will get myself a set of it.

Miera Nadhirah said...

Such gorgeous canisters... I would love to have them in my collection as I am a collector of this kind of collectibles.. hahah

Ivy Kam said...

Eh so cute, wish to have the complete collection for myself too :)

Arisa Chow said...

such a cute tin collection but too many stuff at home already!

Sunshine Kelly said...

Love the horizontal canisters, its great to store all my knick-knacks and perfume vials.

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