Online Shopping Made Easy with ezbuy Malaysia

Call me a shopaholic! I fall in love with online shopping especially for the cheap and modern products from China. In fact, I believe we all are! As I see most of my friends have been buying online since few years ago. But buying online from China (e.g.Taobao) is quite hard especially for the people who can’t read Chinese, who do not have AliPay, difficult to sign up, no local customer service available, and poor after sales service. Furthermore, the expensive and slow shipping plus needed to spend a lot of time liasing with seller, limit items or additional shipping fees incurred, and the most irritating part where some forwarders are unreliable have made a pullback for buying online.
However, the situations are not happening anymore with ezbuy Malaysia.

ezbuy Malaysia provides hassle free signup, local customer service is also there for us, it also provides after sales support, wrong order, damaged parcel or missing parcel support. ezbuy Malaysia also has an Inhouse logistics which means more responsive and flexible pick-up and delivery options.

The cool part is it has the lowest International shipping fees with variety of shipping methods for almost every kind of purchase. The lowest shipping rate is just RM4.50 per 500g & No Agent Fee involved. Even better, we could choose the Prime Service where we could ship unlimited items at only RM8.80 nett at Which means, regardless of our parcel size, weight and quantity, we could ship everything at only RM8.80 per checkout with ezbuy Malaysia’s Prime Service.
 With that, we could arrange own time and own target for our shopping haul.

ezbuy Malaysia has variety of products for us to choose, from trendy women’s clothing, men’s clothing, toy, mothers & kids, shoes, bag, accessories, home and garden, beauty, to  sports and outdoor. You name it, you could easily find it in ezbuy Malaysia.

Shopping online is so easy and convenient with ezbuy Malaysia now. Download it on App Store or Google Play store to enjoy shopping right away now.

Now, you could also enjoy 15% off shipping fee with my code ezsp15. Not only that, my readers could also Register and Get RM15 ezbuy Voucher at ezbuy Malaysia

What are you waiting for? Head to ezbuy Malaysia and shop for your favourite items now!


Miera Nadhirah said...

I love Taobao, there are just sooo many opportunities to get amazing deals on clothing and so on... I will check Ezbuy out as I was using another platform to buy from Taobao and they take ages to send to me...probably by sea...

Jacqueline Khoo said...

Yes, their service really much easier and no need to get it by agent which they will charge more expensive :(

Lee yann said...

Haven't try their services yet but I'm going to check it out now..

small silver said...

i tried their service frankly, not so good but the shipping price still ok. If you wish to try out their service, you better pray hard that your parcel is in good condition and traceable. This is because their customer care is not so good...Hope to see their improvement.

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